Outcomes Report (2014-15)

OCS Annual Outcomes Report 2014-2015

Family Intervention Services (FIS) 1. Family Strengthening and Development (FSD), Quick Response Program (QRP), Family Support Outreach (FSO), Support for Parents of Young Children (SPYC) 2. Nobody’s Perfect (NPP) 3. Supervised Access Program (SAP) There has been much more coordination with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) teams the past couple of years to ensure our programs and services are aligned with MCFD priorities, community needs, and the services provided by other community partners. The need for Quick Response Services has increased due to the greater number of families experiencing immediate crises, and needing short-term intensive supports. To accommodate this need, one FTE from the FSD program moved to the QRP team.

Supervised Access also saw a spike in usage, with an increase of 6.5% in the number of supervised visits provided.

Most programs saw increased numbers of clients as well as increased complexity and risk, particularly with families who have experienced domestic violence. Staff participated in training to provide domestic violence groups for high conflict families (couples) in collaboration with other community partner agencies.

Contractual outputs and outcomes across programs were consistently met or exceeded.

Outcomes in Family Intervention Services this Year 1. FSD, QRP, FSO, SPYC


Target (% of min. 4)

Results (Scale of 1 to 5; 5 being high)

(%) Scores of 5

(%) Scores of 4 & 3 (%) Scores of 2 & 1

As a result of their involvement with the program, parents report: • Learning new parenting skills





Using more resources or places in the community to meet their family’s needs Experiencing less crisis and disruption in their lives









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