Outcomes Report (2014-15)

OCS Annual Outcomes Report 2014-2015

Quality Improvements in Healthiest Babies Possible this Year • Increased service by adding a “Prepping for Labor” class ‘in house’ • Implemented an electronic file system, and have almost achieved a paperless client data system • Utilized better demographic data to better adapt to the cultural and language needs of participants. 2. First Steps (FS) First Steps is a unique Family Resource Program which offers a comprehensive range of service to refugee parents and their children. As the 2014 fiscal year began, First Steps experienced a major funding change from the previous provincially funded program to a federal Citizenship and Immigration funding system. As a result, changes were required in respect to the collection and reporting of statistics and data. During this same time the program was also transitioning to the new OCS data base system, Nucleus. As both of these systems were very different from previous years, the staff and managers had a lot of shifting in terms of how to collect the data needed for future reporting. As the year progressed, we have made many changes and continue to find more fluid ways of collecting the data. We have continually been struggling with over capacity issues this year as demand increases. Saturdays are especially challenging and we have been forced to close the doors to families already waiting outside to attend. We continue to look for solutions with the support of the City of Surrey Parks and Recreation partners. Our participant families are showing some similar trends across the program. There is a great desire to attend English classes but waitlists are long and child care is a challenge especially for younger children under 3 years. As a result, First Steps has started two programs to address this need. “Read with Me” and “English Conversation Circles” have begun and proven to be quite popular with the parents and children participating.

Outcomes in First Steps this Year Measure

Increase knowledge and information around health and nutrition for our families. Families will report a better understanding of personal health and nutrition and access local health professionals. Families who attend our groups that focus on health, nutrition and wellness are reporting that they have an increased understanding of how to exercise and body movement.

Benchmark Level



Increased awareness and skills around parenting in Canada.

Benchmark Level

Parents attend and participate in Parenting Groups and Discussions.


Parents who attended our parenting groups offered throughout the quarter have reported that they have increased skills to interact with their children and feel more comfortable playing with their children.

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