Outcomes Report (2014-15)

OCS Annual Outcomes Report 2014-2015

Planned Activity Completed

Target (refer to Schedule 1)

Results (Total)


Goose Group per quarter, 4 sessions annually 15-20 children and 15-20 adults per 1 Kindergarten Readiness session annually 3 clients per integration visit, 100 visits annually 2-3 Capacity Building presentations annually 6-10 families attend 12 Family Resource sessions annually. 3-4 cycles of annually, Maximum 20 children for 8-10 sessions each 50 clients per Field Trip, 4 trips annually

Kindergarten Readiness Session

1 program, 7 sessions, 19 children, 20 parents

Integration Visits

217 integration visits

Capacity Building

9 unique capacity bldg opportunities 2 sessions, 14 unique contacts 4 cycles – 78 unique children registered

Family Resource Sessions

Sports and Me instruction

Field Trip

4 field trips, 168 participants 31 Annual Surveys completed

Program Evaluation

50 clients per 1 Program Evaluation, completed annually

Quality Improvements in First Steps this Year • As a result of low attendance on a Monday program at the Umoja site, we have altered the schedule to meet the needs of the clients by having programming on Thursdays. This has proven to be a much more utilized day for the families. • Also as a result of changing Outreach staff to those who can provide the necessary language support, we have greater attendance for families who feel more comfortable communicating in their first language. • Both staff and clients have expressed areas of interest that the program has responded to by creating new programming throughout the year. These programs are: “Read with Me”, “Conversation Circles”, “Prenatal Yoga”, “Introduction to First Aid” and “Water Safety”. All of these programs have been successful and will continue going forward to the next fiscal year. 3. Child Care Options Resource and Referral (CCRR) Child Care Options has had a great year with some changes to staff, a few staff departing and new staff joining our team. Slight changes have been made to our office configuration to meet Early Years Centre needs and CCRR budget. Our new website has been very well received and is much more user-friendly. We now have the option for families to review a list of child care centres on our website. They then can contact us to receive a further enhanced referral as needed.

We held a successful 17 th Annual Early Care and Learning Conference and are busy planning for our next conference. The new online conference registration significantly improved the

registration process for clients and lightened the manual work for staff. Outcomes in Child Care Options Resource and Referral this Year

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