www.marejournal.com Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal — Green Buildings — April 27 - May 10, 2012 — A G reen B uildings F eaturing E nergy E fficiency Becht Engineering BT, Inc. provides energy saving design services Cornerstone Architectural Group completes corporate fit-out for SHI International’s Global HQ F RANKLIN TOWNSHIP, NJ — Cornerstone Ar- chitectural Group com-

trend in lighting, which is to use task lighting to supple- ment ambient lighting, thus reducing wasteful, glaring overhead light. The overhead light is supplemented by un- dershelf LED task lighting and vertical lighting on the walls. The design allows work- ers to control the appropriate amount of lighting, while de- creasing the amount electric- ity consumed. Through this energy efficient lighting approach, SHI saved $450,000 by not having to purchase as many fixtures and anticipates saving $500,000 on

energy costs over the next 10 years. The reduced number of lighting fixtures also saved on labor costs for both installa- tion and replacement. For this project, Corner- stone partnered with Becht Engineering BT (Building Technologies), an engineer- ing company in Point Pleas- ant Beach, The Reynolds Grp., McQuilkin Associ- ates, Carroll Engineering, Jones Lang LaSalle, Unity Construction Svcs., Turner Construction, Corporate Environmental Services and Harrison-Hamnett. n

pleted a $20 million corporate fit-out project for SHI Inter- national, a global provider of technology products and ser- vices, at its 440,000 s/f global headquarters in the Somerset section of Franklin Twp. “This project, one of the largest in the tri-state area, embodies SHI’s core values of innovation, early adoption and pioneering on the cutting edge,” said Robert Barranger, AIA, co-founder and partner at Cornerstone Architectural Grp. The nearly yearlong, multi- phased fit-out entailed a ma- jor energy efficient lighting retrofit on which Cornerstone worked closely with Finelite, a manufacturer of high per- formance lighting systems, and independent lighting manufacturer representative, Jeffrey Maglietta of Liberty Lighting Group, to design a system that provided a higher- quality light while realizing a 50% reduction in energy con- sumption for lighting and the number of lighting fixtures. “The role of design in in- creasing lighting efficiency and improving the quality of light has never been so important,” said Tom Ward, associate VP of training and development at Finelite. “Through partici- pation in numerous research studies, we’ve learned to light from the task up, instead of lighting from the ceiling down. This project will serve as a model on how to successfully integrate lighting into office design to bring construction and operating costs down.” The lighting system is a unique combination of task and ambient lighting, which involves overhead linear fluo- rescent pendant lighting that aligns with the splines of the office cubicles versus the standard alignment with the aisles. The pendant lighting is also spaced at 18 ft apart -- versus the typical 12 ft. The design approach yields bet- ter -- glare free -- lighting at workstations, where lighting is most needed. The design also creates less of a need for lighting fixtures since the lights are placed further apart, which is a tremendous energy saving feature. The SHI project is the largest private project in the country to reflect a new energy-saving

Glare free -- lighting at workstations inside SHI International HQ

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