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Temperature controls using 21st century technology Hutchinson green-lights energy-efficient solutions Direct Install Offers 70% Incentive


it easy and affordable for businesses to replace HVAC, lighting and other outdated operational equipment with energy-efficient alternatives. Hutchinson starts the pro- cess by providing prospective customers with a FREE en- ergy assessment to identify eligible equipment. Full-Coverage Service Agreements Another way to ensure equipment and systems are running at peak efficiency is to invest in a full-coverage service contract which pro- vides 100 percent coverage of

can focus on their core busi- ness,” said Pete Hatton, com- mercial accounts manager, Hutchinson Mechanical Ser- vices. “Making a full-service agreement part of your over- all energy strategy makes good sense when focusing on a long-term energy savings plan.” Temperature Controls Using 21st Century Technology With the click of a mouse, Honeywell Webs Certified Hutchinson technicians can access Honeywell heating and cooling controls over the web – without ever stepping through your business’ doors. By utilizing this technology, technicians can quickly ac- cess, monitor and often re- pair any heating or cooling issues by remotely monitor- ing your system. Keep these tips in mind for improved energy efficiency. 1. Replace existing light bulbs with compact fluo- rescent ones which produce three to four times as much light per watt as incandes- cent bulbs. 2. During summer office hours, set the office ther- mostats between 74 and 76 degrees. After hours, turn the setting up above 80 de- grees. Better yet, invest in a building automation system to assure year-round comfort and savings. 3. Establish a preventative maintenance program for your HVAC equipment and systems. • Change or clean all air filters, preferably every month. • Clean all heat exchanger surfaces, water and refrig- erant coils, condensers and evaporators. • Repair leaks in piping, air ducts, coils, fittings and at the unit(s). • Replace defective equip- ment insulation, ducting and piping. • Upgrade to a high-effi- ciency chiller or AC system as new chillers are 25-50 percent more efficient than chillers 10+ years old • Install/upgrade HVAC controls to include new en- ergy management systems technologies. HutchinsonMechanical Services. n Energy Efficiency Tips for Businesses

s rising temperatures and energy consump- tion go hand in hand,

labor, parts and materials, as well as emergency service. Full-coverage service agree- ments offer businesses many long-term advantages: • Reduces wasted energy costs by as much as 20% • Fixed annual O & M costs • Most of the risk is carried by the contractor • Protects the value of your investment “Full-coverage service agreements provide a fixed cost for maintenance and repairs, giving our clients peace of mind. We take care of their HVAC needs so they

As a participating con- tractor for New Jersey’s Direct Install Clean En- ergy Program in Burlington, Camden, Ocean, Monmouth and Gloucester Counties, Hutchinson is working with businesses and local govern- ments to upgrade to energy efficient equipment with a savings of up to 70% of the total project cost. Direct In- stall is geared toward facili- ties with a monthly peak de- mand of 150kW or less. The streamlined process makes

now’s the time to develop a strategic energy plan to cut your business’ energy costs. Hutchinson Mechanical Services, a family owned business since 1948, is a rec- ognized leader in energy-ef- ficient HVAC solutions. From building automation systems with web access monitoring to handling HVAC equip- ment upgrades, Hutchinson provides the latest green technologies to help busi- nesses be more efficient.

Reduce your energy costs with Hutchinson! Direct Install now pays 70% of the cost to replace your outdated lighting and HVAC equipment.

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