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Cupid’s Arrow Can Strike Anywhere

T his Valentine’s Day, people all across the world will turn on their televisions and find hundreds of made-for-TV films, most of which contain similar sweet plotlines. A guy and a girl walk into a bar/ library/park/airport and lock eyes. As they start talking, the conversation starts to flow, and they realize that, no matter what else is going on in their lives outside of that moment, their love is undeniable and they are truly made for each other. Some people despise these types of films. They allege that the narratives set up unrealistic relationship expectations or are drenched in over-the-top cheesy romance, but for me, it is the complete opposite. I love films with predictable, heartwarming plotlines, and I love the pairings of characters coming from completely different walks of life. What can I say? I am a hopeless romantic. “Because I am a hopeless romantic, whenever a married couple comes to meet with me, I make sure to ask each and every duo how they met.” Because I am a hopeless romantic, whenever a married couple comes to meet with me, I make sure to ask each and every duo how they met. I love hearing those stories. I have found

that, while some couples have spectacular “first meeting” stories, the vast majority think they met purely by happenstance and that their relationship had a totally random beginning. In my opinion, regardless of how allegedly normal the first encounter was, it was meant to happen. I have heard hilarious stories of couples meeting while on dates with other people and others of couples meeting at the DMV. But all of them seem to have been planned by design — those two people were simply destined to meet. To me, Cupid’s arrow can strike anywhere. In that same vein, I like Valentine’s Day and the notion of taking the time to celebrate and acknowledge those closest to you. As an elder law attorney, I cannot think of a better way to show someone you love them than by taking the time to adequately plan for your future and theirs. It demonstrates

your commitment, trustworthiness, and the extent of your concern. One of the best ways to demonstrate your love for your family is to make sure they are taken care of should, God forbid, something happen to you. As you are having dinner with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day and showering them with the love and affection you know they deserve, I encourage you to take your holiday preparations a bit further and make a proper plan. Even as a hopeless romantic, I know how necessary it is to be practical, so be sure to reach out to our team to give your valentine the most important gift they can receive.

-Kim Hegwood



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