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was a child of the ‘80s. I witnessed a lot of trends come and go, and my tastes certainly changed along the way. Today, lots of young people see the ‘80s as vintage and look to this decade for

had a problem. I had to convince one of my parents or someone else to take me to the event.

inspiration in clothing and other aspects of pop culture. But for me, and others my age, many of these now “retro” trends were just a part of our regular life.

No one in my family was into pro wrestling, so this made my quest a bit of a challenge. However, I was determined — very determined. It took some barganining with a little cash, but I convinced my babysitter to take me! I even paid for her ticket out of my allowance, and I got to see my first WWF show. As time went on, my tastes shifted along with it. In the late ‘80s, as I became a teenager, I started really getting into music, mainly hip-hop. If you were to walk into my bedroom at the time, you’d find a Public Enemy poster on the wall along with the album artwork and lyric pages.

One of my favorite parts about life in the ‘80s was playing video games. I would play just about any video game that functioned, from “Pac-Man” to “Space Invaders.” Of course, if you ever had the

chance to play a 2600, you know just how rough around the edges some of the games were. “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” is a prime example. That game helped destroy the video game industry during that era.


My affinity for video games, pro wrestling, and music provide just a small glimpse into who I was in the ‘80s. These days, when I watch a show like “Stranger Things,” I can’t help but be hit by nostalgia. For any show set during that

But then Nintendo came along with the Nintendo Entertainment System— aka the NES, which, yes, I got my hands on later in the ‘80s. The NES may be primitive by today’s standards, but back then, the difference between the Atari 2600 and the NES was night and day. As they steadily became more advanced, I got more into my games of choice, which, more often than not, were fighting games. Another fantastic aspect of life in the ‘80s for me was professional wrestling. In the ‘80s, I discovered pro wrestling and the WWF — now the WWE. I was very much

era, the audience will expect it to capture what it was like to live then. Monsters aside, “Stranger Things” is spot on. It’s hanging out with friends, playing video games, watching wrestling on TV, and riding dirt bikes.

engrossed in “Hulkamania,” and there was a word for people with my same enthusiasm: “Hulkamaniacs.”

I have a lot of good memories from the ‘80s. It was a unique decade for sure. Technology began to explode around us and brought with it constant changes to the world. Regardless of the many technological advances and events in history that occurred during this decade, when I think of the ‘80s, I see my childhood. I learned a bunch during the ‘80s and had a blast along the way!

Growing up in a small town in Illinois, there weren’t many WWF events that came our way. One year, when I was about nine, I got wind of a WWF event coming to a nearby town. I was hyped out of my mind. However, I

–Matthew Konecky


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