Milwaukee Foot & Ankle - November 2017

HERE IS WHY! “I had lived for years with deformed feet from bunions. I accepted them as they were until they began to hurt no matter what shoes I wore. I am a nurse, and very particular about data and outcomes, so I wanted to seek a surgeon who had extensive experience with both evaluating and operating on feet with this type of an issue. Dr. Chris Milkie was recommended to me by a number of people as both very skilled and transparent about his outcomes. I sought him out and have never looked back! He was thoughtful and complete in his assessment and recommendations. He thoroughly explained the procedure and post op recovery, and they went exactly as he said they would. He felt it was in my best interest to have both feet done at the same time. At first, I was hesitant, but I trusted him. I am very happy I got it all done in one surgery. The recovery was very manageable and my feet feel and look great. The staff are warm, friendly, and well-informed. I would, without reservation, recommend Dr. Milkie and his team.” YOU SHOULD SHARE US! $25 Off Your First Visit to One of Our 4 Convenient Wisconsin Podiatry Offices Your feet are important to us, and we believe we can offer you exceptional treatment for your foot or ankle pain. That’s why we encourage you to take advantage of our $25 Initial Savings Certificate, even if you’re simply seeking a second opinion or want to make sure your feet are healthy. Your feet are your foundation, and we believe they should be taken care of with the best possible treatment options for whatever issues you may be facing.

AS NUTRITIONAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES HAVE ADVANCED IN RECENT YEARS, there have been an increasing number of people kicking keto, Atkins, Weight Watchers, paleo, and the dozens of other catch-all diet plans to the curb, seeking instead to personalize their nutritional intake. In response, several startups have sprouted up to capitalize on this growing trend. One of the companies leading this charge is Habit, a business that analyzes clients’ DNA and uses it to suggest highly specific and personalized meal plans. Users drink the Habit Challenge Shake, collect three small blood samples using an at-home kit they received in the mail, and then send them off to Habit for analysis. Another company, Viome, uses twice-annual at-home testing kits to collect stool samples and in-home measurements in order to analyze the user’s “microbiome” and metabolism, focusing on gut health to achieve results. Then there’s InsideTracker, an app-focused startup that promises, hilariously, to give you a “selfie from the inside.” Users first choose from a wide array of tiered plans, from the (relatively) inexpensive “DIY” to the $589-per-month “Ultimate” plan. InsideTracker, like the previously mentioned procedures, uses DNA data, breaking it down into 7–42 biomarkers that users can easily check on their phone, trying to keep them in optimal zones. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that these services are pretty expensive. Not only that, but according to Popular Science and many other sources, the jury’s still out on whether they actually work. Though initial research on personalized nutrition is promising, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics still doesn’t recommend nutrigenetic testing for dietary advice, due to the lack of sufficient evidence. Still, it may be that those with a little spare income who have struggled with traditional diets in the past may find a “selfie from the inside” to be just what they need. THE SKINNY ON GENETICS-DRIVEN DIET SERVICES

–M. Kessel Elm Grove, WI


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