College – Issue 31

FROM THE ARCHIVES Photographs - what can they tell us?

In this volume of College there are many photographs and, in conjunction with the words that surround them, they increase and enhance our knowledge of Christ’s College and the individuals that make up its community. We often view photographs at a glance and do not examine the details which can lead the viewer to “see’’ things they have never seen before.

The First XV 1878 wear white knickerbockers, a dark and light striped jersey, long striped stockings, boots and a close-fitting hand-knitted striped hat with a pom pom. CCXV/1878 /1 they have the distinct additional information that comes from the Christ’s College Sports Register, its successor the Christ’s College Register, the Games Committee Minute Book and items of clothing from the archives collection. The earliest photograph of the First XV is well known. The collection of images of the First XV of the 19th century can be used to illustrate this. In the College context, The next extant photograph is dated 1882. The First XV team is in transition from light knickerbockers to dark ones. The distinctive C C F that comprises the Christ’s College Football monogram also appears pictorially for the first time, although Herbert WilliamWilliams claims in a letter to have designed it in 1877.

The First XV 1882. CCXV/1882/1


Christ’s College Canterbury

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