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From this date until 1893, the thin black and white striped jerseys show a variety of boat necks and sleeve length, while black and white striped stockings are tucked underneath either the band or elastic of the knickerbockers. Given the nature of the game, there is little possibility that these two parts of the uniform would stay connected for the duration of two halves, so how were the stockings held up? This is where fine detail becomes important and a search of all the photographs soon showed the answer only once – garters. Garters worn by Edward Cotton Hallamore (1361). Extracted from the First XV photograph of 1892. CCXV/1892 /1

When the First XV boys run onto the field in major inter-school matches today, they wear caps. Christ’s College first introduced them in 1885, but their actual form is not seen until the 1887 photograph. They were made from six segments of black velvet with a short peak outlined in silver braid. Dates were not added until 1892. The manufacturer’s tag sewn onto the lining of the cap provides information that would never been seen in a photograph, but adds a local dimension to the story. These caps were either made or imported by J B Ballantyne & Co.

Leonard Walter Blunden’s cap worn 1896, 1897 and 1898. CCCAP/18; 1993/46

Leonard Walter Blunden (1564) Extracted from the First XV photograph of 1898. CCXV/1898 /1

Formal studio photography makes the examination of rugby footwear particularly difficult. The exception to this is the footwear of the boys who sat in the front. The boot uppers show remarkable consistency. The leather is well-polished for the photograph and the leather laces are threaded through eyelets over the tongue until the ankle where they are either crossed over two lines of parallel hooks or continue with eyelets, until they are tied at the top. Some boys wore their everyday hobnailed boots, while others nailed bars across the soles to aid traction.

Boots of Henry Herbert Lee (517) and Harry Robert Webster (807). Extracted from the First XV photograph of 1878


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