College – Issue 31

40 Years On (1975-1979)

Back row: Hamish Gerard, Philip Harper, Shailer Weston, John Hudson, Andrew Wells, George Gould, Simon McCrostie, Ian Robertson, Sandy Milliken, Nicholas Bertram, Dean Mannis, Matthew Newton Third row: Bryce Murray, Andrew Liddell, Robin Gardiner, Hamish Menzies, Mark Hamilton, Rick Peers, Alister Bremner, Marty Svensen, Khalid Mohammed, Simon Eddington, Tim Ower, Daniel Millton Second row: Mike Shannon, Diccon Sim, Ashley Pattullo, Jeremy Moore, Richard Baird, Hugh Gorringe, Jeff Staniland, Brian Moss, Andrew Harris, Robin Murphy, Geoff Heard, David Ferrar, Charlie Cresswell Front row: Julian Aitken, Craig Coleby, Ross Philipson, Craig Pidgeon, Chris Wisely, Simon Bonifant, Hamish Broom, Pete Bosworth, Tim O’Meeghan, Tim Burdon, Richard Wells, Terry Huriwai

After plenty of encouragement, the class of 1975 got together last September in a slightly different format to past years with all events held at College. The weekend started with the traditional drinks and dinner in the Dining Hall where, as expected, plenty of long lost friendships were rekindled and there was a lot more urgency to catch up and talk rather than sit down for dinner. Attending his last 40 Years On dinner, Simon Leese recounted plenty of highlights during his 12 years at College, and Peter Couchman (9014) thanked Simon for his and Jane’s contribution over this time. We were then fortunate to have Brian Le Valliant as our after dinner speaker. He kept everyone very entertained with some classic BDL stories and it seemed certain he was getting in some practice to, one day perhaps join the speaking circuit. The next morning we had brunch, again in the Dining Hall, followed by the school tour. For those who had not been back for a while, it was the chance to have a good look at the substantial building work completed since the earthquakes. On Saturday night we held a cocktail party with 40 partners and wives in The Miles Warren Building. The Chapman Room in this amazing new building is a superb venue and is now used widely for many school functions. Of the 70 Old Boys who attended, it was quite amazing to see a number travel from far and wide, and special mention must be made of Hamish Broom (9003) and

Marty Svensen (9112) who travelled from London and Bermuda respectively, and also the huge contingent that arrived from Australia. Of course there were also a few surprises including John Cannon (9007) who many of us had not seen since his short tenure at College ended. He did however get a special mention from the Headmaster who had dug out of the archives the corporal punishment list on which John featured strongly. Andrew Couper (9015) unfortunately takes the prize for the major slip up. He got all dressed up ready to go on the Friday evening, but was a week late and, of course, we had all headed home. Andrew will now have to now wait until the 50 Years On event to see us. Many thanks to each of the representatives from the House groups who worked hard to ensure a strong turnout, and also to Justine Nicholl who organised the weekend superbly.

Peter Bosworth (9001)


Christ’s College Canterbury

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