Fit Body Bootcamp Corp - March-April 2018


HOW TO BUILD A HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAM Find and Create Superstar Coaches, Admins, and Managers

You need a high-performance team if you want your Fit Body Boot Camp to keep serving more clients and making you more money. You do not need employees who are average or below average. Below-average employees lose you money. Average employees don’t lose you money, but they also don’t make you money. They just maintain the status quo. Superstar team members make you more money than you could make on your own. They actually multiply your income and your impact on the world. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be crazy to have anyone but superstars running your boot camp? Step 1: Raise the Bar for Hiring Make potential hires jump through hoops for you. Relentlessly scrutinize every detail of their resume and their presentation when they show up for an interview. When it comes to hiring, your duty is to weed out the 95 percent of people who are unfit to do business with you as quickly as humanly possible. If that strikes you as cruel or “acting like a jerk,” think of it this way: Every time you hire a loser, you are stealing that opportunity from a winner who truly deserves a spot on your team. If they show up three minutes late to their interview, show them the door. If they seem bored or disinterested at any point in the process, don’t call them back. Your goal is to find tightly wound, driven, Type A personalities who are personally offended by laziness, sloppy work, and half effort. Those are How many new clients do you need to sign up each month? How often should your coaches text clients to check on their progress? How do you want coaches to behave when they’re on the floor training your clients? Never assume that the answers to these questions are “common sense” or that your team can figure them out on their own. It’s your responsibility to answer these types of questions ahead of time and clearly communicate those answers to your team. The team members with superstar potential will gratefully accept all the direction and clarity you can give them. Anyone who whines or complains doesn’t belong on your team, so get rid of them. the people who have the potential to become superstars. Step 2: Clearly Communicate Your Vision

Step 3: Invest in Your Team Once you’ve hired slowly, fired quickly, and gotten down to a team of committed, hardworking superstars, you need to invest in their continuing growth. That’s the only way to ensure that your business keeps growing and your team stays loyal to you. For your coaches, the best way to do this is to send them to Dustin Bogle’s Fit Body Boot Camp Coaching Academy. He will teach them the skills they need to deliver powerful workouts and excellent service to every client in your business. You can find more about this workshop at Invest in the personal development of everyone on your team, including coaches, admins, and managers. Let them know that you are open to sending them to seminars and workshops if the training is within budget and relevant to their work. As an entrepreneur, you have already made a commitment to constant self-improvement. Lead by example and talk to your team about how you can help them with their constant self-improvement, as well. That is the best thing you can do to grow your business, because a true leader creates other leaders.


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