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Healthy Recipe Spiced Pear Tea INGREDIENTS • 1 orange • 3 cups water • 2 (11.3 to 12 oz) cans pear nectar

• 1 tsp whole cloves • 6 tea bags • Small orange slices, halved (optional) • Stick cinnamon (optional)

Patient Success Spotlight

• 1 tbsp honey (optional) • 4 inches stick cinnamon

“Could have not have asked for a better physical therapist! Dr. Scott was wonderful and her staff was fantastic! She is very informative and explained everything about my injury in great detail. I trust her like family. The office is comfortable and clean, and they take great care in sanitizing the work area after use. I was sent home with an email program that demonstrated all of my at home exercises and instructions to call with any questions. And the Certificate of Completion gave me such a sense of accomplishment. Thank you so much Dr, Monica!!!” - Tracey E.

FREE NECK PAIN CONSULTATION! SPECIAL OFFER! DIRECTIONS Using a vegetable peeler, remove three wide strips of peel from the orange; set peel aside. Juice the orange into a large saucepan. Add the water, pear nectar and honey (if using) to orange juice in saucepan. For spice bag: Place the 4 inches of stick cinnamon, the cloves and the orange peel strips in the center of a 6-inch square of double-thickness, 100%-cotton cheesecloth. Bring corners together and tie with 100%-cotton kitchen string. Add spice bag to pear nectar mixture. Bring mixture to boiling; reduce heat. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat. Add tea bags; cover and let stand for 5 minutes. Remove tea bags and spice bag; discard. Serve in warmmugs. If desired, float orange slices on top of individual servings and serve with additional stick cinnamon.

Exercise Essentials Helps Relieve Neck Pain

Scapular Retraction Standing tall with good posture, shoulders relaxed. Pull shoulder blades back and down. Don’t hunch your shoulders. Repeat 6 times.

Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsureofdoing.

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