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March 2018

Dear ZPT family and friends,


Recently one of my friends commented to me, “You’ve just always wanted to do this, haven’t you – since you were a teenager – help people live healthy lives!” Wow! I guess so. Actually I think it started when I was 9 and began my 10-year 4-H membership, learning the pledge which says, “I pledge my Head to clearer thinking, my Heart to greater loyalty, my Health to better living, and my hands to larger service, for my club, my community, my country and my world.” As one of my 4-H projects for several years, I enrolled tin the Health Project, to learn more about healthy habits, health related topics and a variety of health

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professions. Enter Physical Therapy: after a few volunteer experiences and interviews with PT’s, I can still remember catching the “PT fever” and never finding any other profession that seemed to suit me. Part of the process of healthy living for me now, is being an example for our patients and exploring how diet and disease are related - the connections between certain foods and irritable bladder, or bowel, or clogged arteries, low energy, or painful joints and muscles. I used to believe that much of our disease was linked to genetics, and the only way to affect it was to jog, swim or bike more. However, now I believe we can control most of the blood numbers and diseases with proper eating – dramatically changing the way we eat, the portions and the variety. We need to take seriously the recommendations regarding increasing the amount of whole foods, plant-based nutrition we put into our body, especially adding in more fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, when we start to educate ourselves, we find that the field of nutrition and the USDA guidelines have been tarnished by poor or lacking research, lack of updates, confusion, special interest groups, and intense lobbying efforts by a variety of food industries. We must search for the truth in scientific research and evidence available regarding the connections between diet and health. In this newsletter, I have included the Harvard School of Public Health’s picture of the “Healthy Eating Plate” for you to study and use for your grocery shopping and food preparation plans. Recent evidence points us to eating 8 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables each day (not including white potatoes), eliminating gluten, high sweets and dairy, limiting caffeine and alcohol and limited eating after sunset. If you’re like me, you realize this will take some changes in habit, some planning and will power. We must be intentional and make the time to prepare healthy meals. So, my advice is to eat out less often, cook meals with more color (colorful fruits and vegetables), whole grains and little to no meat and dairy. Have fruit, nuts, seeds and smoothie ingredients available for snacks and meal replacements. Whole food, plant-based nutrition. Seriously? Yes. As serious as a heart attack. If your curiosity if peaked, look up health related documentaries on Netflix, such as Forks Over Knives, or What the Health. Meanwhile, I will keep you posted if they put chocolate brownies on the next healthy eating plate or pyramid. We can always hope!

Patient Success SPOTLIGHT

They have given me part of my life back! "Deterioration from rheumatoid arthritis "froze" my shoulder and even basic daily activities (likewashingandfixingmyhair) were impossible. Itwasnota rotatorcuff tear, but a complete "loss" of rotator cuff was the diagnosis. No surgery could improve it,so Idecided togiveZPTa try. (I hadheardgood reportsaboutZPTthrough theyears,so theyweremychoice.) Ican't say enough about my experience here. Katie and Taylor were my primary ZPT therapy team members, and they were awesome! I went from wincing to lift my right arm up to my chest....to being able to raisemyarmabovemyhead. Thedaily activities I had struggled with are now "automatic" - my body just does them! I can't thank ZPTenough! They have given me part of my life back!” - Sandra F.

To healthy living, Elaine

p.s. “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31.


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