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If you’ve been on this newsletter ride with me from the beginning, you might remember that I was inspired to go into the chiropractic supply field because I had not just one chiropractor in the family, but two. Like my dad, my mom,

pushed toward the basket and scored. I loved basketball almost from the time I started walking, and I knewmy mom loved it, too, but I didn’t realize just how good she was at the game until one summer in elementary school. I was learning how to do layups in the driveway, and she came out to showme how it was done. She blew me out of the water! We talked about basketball even more from then on, and a few years later, I even ended up going to a basketball camp at Wartburg, dribbling down the same courts she played on. Bonding over the game really helped develop my love of sports and competition, and my mom and I are still fanatics today! This February, we went to the UNC vs. Virginia game together, and even though it ended in heartbreak, it was still fun cheering together in the stands. It took a bit longer for me to fully recognize my mom’s passion for chiropractic work. For a long time, I had a lot of appreciation for chiropractors, but I didn’t really understand howmuch heart they poured into their work. That changed when I got the opportunity to work with my mom as a chiropractic assistant. Helping her, I really came to appreciate the amount of focus she brings to every case and patient. It gave me new insight into what the world of a chiropractor looks like, and I felt like I understood my mom better through that professional lens. She’s a giver and a caretaker, and I got to see that side of her come out in her work. Another thing I learned fromworking with my mom is how absolutely vital it is to love what you do. A lot of people do a job they hate for 30 years, and that’s just not worth it when something you’re passionate about is out there. There are bad days in every career, but if you love your work, even the bad days are manageable! If I had to pick the most important lesson out of everything my mom taught me, it would be that one. Finding your “why,” the thing that drives you, makes life so much more beautiful. My mom found that passion, and I’m blessed to say that I have, too! There’s also something to be said for the fact that now, as she’s getting closer to retirement, my mom can look back on more than 30 years of hard work and see the hundreds of thousands of patients she’s helped and impacted for the better. These days, she’s treating second and third generations of patients, and that’s such a cool thing to think about! I’m so glad I get to share my amazing momwith so many good people. If by chance you’re one of her patients, join me in wishing her a happy Mother’s Day!

Linda, was a chiropractor when I was a kid, and in fact, she still is! She has been practicing for more than 32 years, and her dedication to her profession is one of the many things I love about her.

With Mother’s Day coming up this month, I thought it was high time I dedicated a newsletter to my mom. She has shaped me in so many ways, and it’s because of her that I fell in love with two of my favorite things: the chiropractic field and basketball.

Basketball was the first big thing we bonded over. My mom played it all through high school and into her freshman year at Wartburg College. This was back when women’s basketball was played three on three, and neither the offense nor defense could cross half court. My momwas an offensive forward, so she was one of the people who

SHOULD YOU SKIP YOUR WORKOUT IF YOU DON’T FEEL WELL? WHY SOME EXERCISE IS BENEFICIAL WHEN YOU’RE SICK Getting sick is terrible, especially if you’re trying to stick to a consistent workout routine. You may think sickness means more rest days — but in fact, depending on your symptoms, continuing to exercise could be a good thing. While it may seem like common sense to avoid exerting yourself too much when you’re feeling under the weather, the effects of exercising while you’re sick are a bit more nuanced than you think.


In late February, Dr. Scott Saario of ChiroCabarrus Chiropractic packed his bags to join a team of 50 other health care providers and missionaries on a trip to Cusco, Peru. There, he and the dozens of optometrists, nurses, physicians, and physical therapists he worked with (including his wife Melissa) spent five days treating 1,850 sick patients.

If you’re sick and trying to decide if you should try to get a workout in, assess where you feel your symptoms. Are they only above the neck? Or are they above and below the neck? Symptoms of a head cold, such as a runny nose, a mildly sore throat, and some congestion, shouldn’t keep you from exercising. At the very worst, you might just have to cut back the intensity of your workout. If you usually go for a run, try decreasing the time of your run or going for a walk instead. There’s actually evidence that exercise can help alleviate symptoms located above the neck when you’re sick. For instance, walking and jogging can help clear up congested nasal passages. Many runners will attest to the fact that their workout actually helps them feel better when they’re sick. There’s also evidence that yoga can boost your immune system and ease aches related to sinus issues. Saying “om” might even help too, as one study found humming could actually aid in opening clogged sinuses. If you have a fever or any type of stomach problem, however, you should skip your workout altogether. And if your workouts seem to exacerbate your sickness, take a break until the sickness subsides. That said, it’s nice to know that it takes more than a little case of the sniffles to throw off your workout routine!

“A big part of it is reaching out with hope for people who don’t have any,” Dr. Saario says. “It’s really about touching the spiritual side of things, not just the physical. We were there to help them with whatever parasite, ache, pain, or injury they had, but also to spread the hope that’s in Jesus. That was our mission.” 2020 marked the 10th year of the informal mission trip, which has become a tradition for health care workers across the South in states including Alabama, Tennessee, West Virginia, and North Carolina. It was Dr. Saario’s first time joining the group.




“This was a new experience. We have a mission- based outreach program here locally, Serenity House, which does addiction recovery, and every week I see all the men in that house to do conservative pain management and host a Bible study. But this was my first time out of the county,” he says.

Dr. Steven Weiniger isn’t your typical chiropractor. After college, he debated becoming a researcher, a physician, or a psychologist before discovering chiropractic was a melding of all three. Then, once he started his chiropractic training, he stepped off the beaten path to supplement his coursework with travel, immersing himself in yoga and studying rehabilitation in Prague under famed neurologist and physiotherapist Vladimir Janda. “I basically ended up using concepts both from Janda and yoga in my practice,” Dr. Weiniger says. “Then I created a system chiropractors can use to both do the posture exercises and communicate them to patients in a way that makes sense.”

When he was preparing for the trip, Dr. Saario realized he was missing one crucial thing: medical devices. To fill that need, he called us.

“I reached out to Chiro1Source and asked if they’d be willing to donate supplies for the trip, and Josh was immediately right on wanting to do that. He donated some of the medical supplies and durable medical equipment, kinesio tape, topical pain reliever, and that kind of stuff,” Dr. Saario says. We also donated some of our signature “Keeping You Aligned” T-shirts. We were thrilled to help Dr. Saario fulfill his mission and treat more than 1,800 people in need. If you’re in need of chiropractic supplies for a good cause, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always looking for ways to give back!

Today, that system is called StrongPosture ® , and Dr. Weiniger is an international posture expert. He travels to far-flung spots like France and Australia to offer continuing education to chiropractors in person, and he and his team teach courses online through In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, has become an indispensable resource for chiropractors looking to leverage the power of posture in their practices.

One of the things Dr. Weiniger says makes posture work so vital is that its ripple effects touch every area of a patient’s life.

“So much money goes into treatment for things like back pain. With StrongPosture ® , we’re getting people to help themselves, and we’re opening a door to doctors and therapists to help them do so,” he says. “It’s not just about back pain. Posture affects the way you look at life and the way people look at you.” Dr. Weiniger has worked with Chiro1Source for years, ever since our founder, Dr. Cecil Walker, attended one of his workshops and was blown away by his teaching. Now, Chiro1Source’s products are an integral part of Dr. Weiniger’s courses. He’s particularly fond of our TheraBand Pro Series Exercise Balls, RangeMaster Stretch Straps, and TheraBand CLX Consecutive Loops, which are ideal for posture exercises. “Instead of trying to sell people expensive single-use equipment or toys, I sell them simple tools that they can use in a lot of different ways,” he says.

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To learn more about Dr. Weiniger’s courses, visit, and to check out the products he loves, head to our website today!

Used with permission of ©BodyZone. All Rights Reserved.


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Should You Skip Your Workout if You’re Sick?


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How Entrepreneurs Digitally Detox



Constant technology use can leave us feeling drained, so it’s good to do a digital detox by unplugging periodically. Digital detoxes have become very popular, but for most managers and business owners, cutting technology out of their lives isn’t just difficult — it can be irresponsible! You can’t throw your smartphone in the sea and expect to have a job next week. While completely quitting tech isn’t realistic, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of a digital detox while sticking to your responsibilities. Here’s how a few successful entrepreneurs manage this balancing act. Arianna Huffington puts her phone ‘to bed.’ HuffPost founder and Thrive Global CEO Arianna Huffington says the first part of her nightly routine is “escorting my phone out of the bedroom.” Huffington doesn’t allow digital devices in her bedroom and relies on an analog alarm clock. “Charging your phone away from your bed makes you more likely to wake up as fully charged as your phone,” she says.

Erich Joiner has a hobby separate from his work. Running a content creation company that caters to big brands means Erich Joiner, founder and director at Tool of North America, is plugged in most of the time. To get away from the demands, he races cars on the weekend. During that time, Joiner puts his phone away in order to focus on the race. “While it takes a lot of focus, which can be strenuous, it also mentally cleanses, or 'digitally detoxes,' me during the weekend,” Joiner says. “By Monday, I can go into work with a clear mindset, ready to take on my week.” Celia Francis tracks her online activity. Sometimes technology can help you cut down on technology. Celia Francis, CEO of online marketplace Rated People, downloaded the app Moment to monitor howmuch time she spends on social media. This data helped her build healthier habits. “It helps you understand how you use your phone, establish usage goals, and disconnect at the right times,” Francis explains. “My phone is always off by 9 p.m. and isn’t switched back on until after the morning routine.” You don’t have to completely abandon technology to enjoy a successful digital detox. Instead, look for times when you can put your devices away and focus on something else. Even if it’s just for an hour before bed, you’ll reap the benefits.

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