adMail Customer Guide

2.0 adMail Specifications

2.3 Seed mailing items For each posting, the customer must provide Royal Mail and Whistl with a sample of the mailing item to be used prior to posting or include Royal Mail and Whistl as a seed in the posting to verify conformance to the adMail specification. The customer is required to provide a sample/seed that is an exact reproduction of the mailing items posted in terms of both envelopes used and contents enclosed for each adMail posting.

To qualify as adMail all items must:

• • Be addressed Direct Mail Letter or Large Letter format mailing items; • • Meet the requirements of the adMail schedule including data specification, service standard, indicia and seed mailing items – detailed below. The following characteristics are mandatory and must be met to qualify for the adMail service. You will be asked to complete an adMail checklist with your Account Manager to ensure you meet all of the requirements. 2.1 Data • • A documented procedure must be in place and used to suppress customer and prospect data against consumer and business files (e.g. Mail Preference Service) and each address list for each adMail posting shall be run against these files 30 days or less before the posting is prepared. • • An internal suppression file must be kept and maintained to ensure opt-outs are properly logged, and each campaign must be run against these files 30 days or less before the posting is prepared. 2.2 Service Standard The Access service standard from Inward Mail Centres aims to deliver or attempt to deliver adMail items on the next working day after handover to and acceptance by Royal Mail. A working day means any day, which is not a Sunday, bank holiday, public holiday or Royal Mail non-service day’ The following data requirements are mandatory:

The samples/seeds must be sent to the following addresses:

RMW (followed by the customers 5 digit


adMail Sample

customer ID) PO Box 72662

1 Globeside Business Park


London E1W 9LD



Royal Mail and Whistl will check samples and seed items to ensure conformance to the adMail contents specification. As part of Royal Mail and Whistl ongoing audit requirements, customers will be required, on request, to notify Royal Mail and Whistl of the identity of their originating customers submitting samples/ seeds and the relevant unique customer ID where a unique customer ID has been used. In the event that samples or seed items have not been provided, Royal Mail and Whistl may take action as outlined in Section 15.

adMail Customer Guide / August 2014 / V1


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