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NOV 2018


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This month, the topic of gratitude gets tossed around a lot. You know what I’m grateful for? You! I am so thankful for our clients and the fellow attorneys who make our work possible and fun. It’s what allows us to give back to our community, partner with local teachers to support their classrooms, and share the news of great local businesses and organizations with our monthly community spotlight program. I know how valuable it is when someone shares a good experience with others. Fresh out of law school and then starting The Button Law Firm, I lived off of referrals. When I was starting out as an attorney, all of my clients were sent to me by other attorneys. I would be hired to come in and go to trial on the case. It was all I did for almost two years after starting The Button Law Firm — go from one trial to the next. Some cases settled before trial, some during. I got a lot of phone calls in those days that started with, “Hey, I’ve got this case set for trial next week.” I’d take them. All of them. Sometimes I got a call on Friday for a trial happening on Monday. I was grateful for all of it. I learned what was important and how to work cases efficiently. It’s led me to where I am today. I met a lot of good attorneys during the beginning of my career, and now we often get asked to work a case with those attorneys from the start because they see the value in bringing us in earlier rather than later. The work goes faster, clients benefit, and we have more fun. What our referral lawyers have learned is that bringing us in allows them to do more of the work that they are good at, whether that is family law, immigration, or even different areas within personal injury. Moreover, my whole business was based on these referrals from other attorneys, and it’s made me so grateful to those who trusted me to work their cases as a young lawyer. That trust made my firm successful, and it’s something I’ve never forgotten. I also want to thank all the clients who’ve referred their friends and family to us consistently. It means we’ve done something right. Thank you for letting your friends and family members know it’s okay to call us, even if they’re not sure they have a case. I’ve had a lot of people

say, “I told them to call and ask you. I said, ‘Even if he doesn’t handle that type of case, he’ll introduce you to an attorney he would trust to handle it.’” It’s true. Many people hear from us for months, maybe even years, without ever having a need for legal assistance. That’s okay. We love being so much more than just a law firm. We desire to have a positive impact on our community. All of our community campaigns help us give back to the community that does so much for us. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, a veteran, or someone who wants to be a part of what we have to offer here at The Button Law Firm, join our free VIP program. You won’t regret it! If you or your family members ever do need us, we are here. It’s why we started our VIP program. We wanted an option for people who may not be sure if they even need legal advice. Why waste your time stressing about something that may not be a big deal? Alternatively, we don’t want you to wait on something that might become a bigger issue. You get a free support line through our VIP program. Later this month, I’ll be heading to Oklahoma City to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family — my sister is an OBGYN there. When we go around the table to share what we’re grateful for, I’m going to be thinking about all of you who’ve helped our firm get to where it is today.

–Russell Button

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