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What Can Navy SEALs Teach Us About a HEALTHY MARRIAGE?

I n recent years, I have read a ton about the Navy SEALs and how they operate. The work they do and the way they approach life is fascinating. The real life of a Navy SEAL is often totally different than what you might see in the media. To be honest, I had that media perception

Alright, so this makes sense when it comes to being active and putting yourself in potentially dangerous situations, but what does it have to do with marriage? I propose the mentality of a Navy SEAL’s buddy system is necessary for the success of any partnership, especially marriage. More than just having someone around to

of Navy SEALs myself until about 10 years ago. One of my best friends used to live in Virginia Beach, and when I went out to visit him, he introduced me to Chris, a former Navy SEAL. At the time, I knew nothing about Navy SEALs, save for the stereotypes you see in the movies. In my head, I had this idea of a John Rambo-type, with a strong and independent streak. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. Chris is an engaging, very personable guy, who enjoys bringing

“More than just having someone around to take advantage of couples specials with, your partner is someone you should feel supported by.”

take advantage of couples specials with, your partner is someone you should feel supported by. Additionally, you should make a point to practice that same level of support and let your partner know you have their back. Relationships of any nature fall apart when a person feels alone. This can lead to a married person looking for support in the wrong places, like the bottom of a bottle or in the arms of someone else. Now, I’m not saying if a husband

cheats on his wife, it’s the wife’s fault for not being more supportive. Far from it! Support is a two-way street. Navy SEALs support each other and will be upfront when their partner isn’t holding up their end of the buddy system. Both parties should feel like their partner is going to have their back if things go south. It’s equal parts support and communication.

people together when doing some activity. When we go out shooting, he’s the one who focuses the most on safety and following procedures to make sure no one get injured. What’s more, he is a huge advocate for camaraderie. If we’re hiking, everyone needs to have a buddy looking out for them. Since striking up this friendship, I’ve learned a lot from Chris. I’ve always been a big surfer, and in the past, I wouldn’t think twice about surfing alone. Now, I’ve adopted the Navy SEAL mentality of a buddy system. When you’re going out into big, cold waves, it’s smart to have a partner watching out for your well-being. On the occasions when I don’t have a buddy to surf with, I’ll make a point to surf around other people so I’m not out there on my own.

While I am certainly no marriage expert, I can’t think of a single relationship that wouldn’t benefit from a bit more communication. - Bryan Wisdom


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