Lonoke PT: Where Is Your Back Pain Coming From

Is Your Neck Causing Back Pain? A SIMPLE 5 STEP TEST This test will tell you if it is really your neck causing your back pain

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Stand normally with a friend facing you to observe your movements.

Turn your head left and right as far as you can comfortably. Have your friend note how far you turn.

Sit in a chair and repeat the turning of your head both ways. Have your friend again note how far you turn.

Ask your friend if there is a difference in your neck movement, standing compared to sitting.

If your neck movement is more limited in sitting, then it is your neck or upper back that is tight and can be causing your low back pain.

How do we rehabilitate and relieve back pain? Our therapists are experts trained in evaluating muscle and joint movement. First, a thorough evaluation is done to determine the source of your back pain, and ascertain if your neck or upper back can be affecting it. Then, a complete plan of care

is put together based on your individual needs. Not only do we treat with the latest gentle, hands-on therapeutic techniques, but we also rebuild your strength and coordination to prevent future injuries. Furthermore, we teach you how to protect your body, improve your posture and balance, and how to prevent a recurrence of pain. Give us a call today, we can help!


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