What makes the speakers unique is that they are created in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Each product is hand- crafted with precise cutting tools and clamped in a customvice network to ensure a perfectly sealed enclosure and strength. The speakers are then sanded and finished with a triple walnut finish of custom varnish and lacquer coating. Finally, hand solder- ing using Silver blend for electronics ampli- fier and speaker termination is complet - ed in the Renfrew production facility and then tested before transitioning to quality control for final verification. In addition to the company’s commitment to meticulously creating high-quality hand- crafted products, they also honour the deep love they have for the earth’s water- ways and environment. Riverwood Acous- tics employs local eco-divers to retrieve the riverwood, deemed ‘lost treasure’ from the Ottawa River. The company was awarded the Ottawa Network’s 2018 Bootstrap Green Award in recognition of their efforts. Riverwood Acoustic also won the Renfrew County RC100 $100,000 Startup Competi- tion in 2019. Seaman says that, “Winning the RC100 has helped take our startup to the next level. We have established our R+D centre of excellence plus manufac- turing facility in the downtown Renfrew core. Additionally, we have started selling our first product line and are receiving worldwide attention. The support system from the CFDC through RC100 has been instrumental to our growth and creating a “sound” future for Renfrew County.” The company not only promotes envi- ronmental sustainability by responsibly sourcing their wood, but also commits to economic sustainability in their local com- munity. They employ six people in sales, marketing and manufacturing and source local subcontract companies for wood- working processing to cabinetry. Over seventy per cent of all product in the speakers is sourced within a 150 km radius of the Ottawa Valley.

“High end sound has no bounds.”




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