When asked what it is like to work at Riverwood Acoutics, Seaman describes ‘a focus on fun while designing a cool, unique product.’ All employees are active in the concert series and enjoy meeting artists. They also share a passion for giving back to the local community. The company has donated thousands of dollars’ worth of their speakers to charities such as SickNotWeak, Ottawa Boys/ Girls Gala, CityFolk Music, Caloabogie Disaster Relief and many others. Seaman proudly boasts, ‘at silent auctions, our speakers typically generate the highest bid.” Some might find the price tag for the speakers, ranging from $599 to $799, a little bit steep however, this product is built to last a lifetime. This niche brand, lifestyle product caters to con- sumers with an appreciation for art and quality. Speakers are traditionally hidden away, but these beautiful works of art are meant to be admired for their modern design and sleek beauty, as well as their incredible sound. The company’s target customer tends to be mid- dle-aged males with an interest in woodwork- ing and refined style. However, Seaman says he recently had parents buy the speakers for their lucky (son or daughter) as a university graduation present. According to sales, “High end sound has no bounds.” Currently Riverwood Acoustic speakers are being sold in Canada and the States through the Shopify platform on their website. The company offers free shipping, a 30-day return policy and a lifetime warranty. If you are in Ontario, the company has several demo locations. They have partnered with other amazing companies who also support the buy local vision so you can also check out these other companies’ offerings while experiencing Riverwood’s award-winning sound. For information about where to have a listen, check out their website at riverwoodacoustics. com. Seaman revealed that the company’s next endeavour is the creation of a surround center speaker. This product is currently in design phase and Seaman expects it will be ‘an absolute game changer in the surround bar market.’ Look out for this product in early 2021!

Sounds to us at Spotlight on Business like you won’t find better or more beautifully designed speakers on the market. For more information about this historic, artful, unrivalled company, check out their website at, call (343) 882-7806 or email Ben Seaman at ben@riverwoodacoustics. com or Scott Rathwell at scott@riverwood acous-

“‘an game changer in the surround bar market.” absolute




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