TELLS US ABOUT YOUR PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE BEFORE YOU WERE BITTEN BY THE ENTREPRENEURIAL BUG. MC: I completed the 3-year Business Manage- ment Accounting Program at College of the North Atlantic. From there I lucked into a job with a company that I will always consider myself fortunate to have worked for. I was a Business Analyst with Provincial Aerospace (PAL) for 6 years until my family moved to Texas. WHAT WAS THE DRIVING FORCE THAT MADE YOU WANT TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR AND START YOUR OWN BUSINESS? MC: It was during our stay in Texas that I put pen to paper and started to plan my business. It seemed to be light-years away since I was far from home with 2 kids under 2. As soon as we moved back home to Newfoundland, everything started to fall into place. I wanted to do what I love as a job. The thought of making that happen was so exciting to me. The timing was finally right. WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND TRIM DESIGN? HOW DO YOU KEEP UP TO DATE WITH THE LATEST TRENDS INDUSTRY PLUS KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO BE A CLASSIC LOOK OR PIECE? MC: I have always loved decorating, furnishing homes, deciding on paint colours, etc. Myself, my husband Jason Callahan, and my mother Ann Ring came up with a plan of attack. Each with our own distinct roles in the business, Trim Design quickly became what it is today. On the design side, we wanted to help people bring their ideas to fruition. The goal is to make the final product one a homeowner will love every time they walk into the room. Everybody knows what they like but putting it together and making everything flow can be a more difficult task. That is where Trim Design comes in. On the staging side, I wanted to give each home the added touch that creates a welcoming and inspi- rational experience for buyers, showcases the home, and shows off its full potential. The fact that I could help people in these areas as my job

YOU OFFER MORE THAN JUST STAGING SERVICES CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE MORE ABOUT THE DIFFERENT SERVICES THAT YOU OFFER? MC: We offer real estate staging - vacant house. It can be difficult to see the full potential of an empty space. No matter how nice a house may be, without depth and emotion, a house may not have that ‘dream home’ feeling to buyers. We will perform the full staging of the house to maximize the interest from potential buyers. We will supply all furniture, wall art and accent pieces. The result will maximize the space, showcase the layout, and highlight the selling features. We also offer virtual staging. We take photos and measurements of your vacant home and using our virtual staging program, we ‘stage’ the selected rooms with virtual furniture and accents. For those that would like to do it themselves we offer staging consultation or DIY tutorial. A staging consultation consists of a thorough tour of the home, complete with an in-depth discus- sion to point out areas to accentuate what will make the home most appealing to potential buyers. I leave the homeowner with a detailed to-do list to complete before real estate photos as this is a perfect way to kickstart a DIY home staging project. Suggestions will include house- hold improvements, furniture rearrangement + removal, colour schemes, and curb appeal. For those that have recently purchased a home or looking to do some work on their current home we offer home consultation – kind of a fresh start. After a new home is purchased or when you’re looking for a refresh of your current home, it is time to mix things up! We offer a home consulta- tion to get you on your way! This service consists of an in-home discussion with the homeowners to understand their lifestyle, likes and dislikes. We will then outline a design plan, focusing on key areas and features, colour schemes, and fur- niture selection and (re)arrangement.

“I have always loved dec- orating, furnishing homes, deciding on paint colours, etc.”

was a dream come true. While it is important to stay on trend, every job is different and needs its own unique touch. When we figure out what look, style, and character will best represent each home we execute the plan and wait to see the sold sign.





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