DO YOU HAVE A TYPICAL CLIENT? IF SO, TELL US ABOUT THEM? IF THEREWAS SOMETHING THAT YOUR CLIENTS HAVE IN COMMON, WHAT WOULD IT BE? MC: On the staging side, the majority of my clients are realtors. We work as a team to get each home sold for the homeowner. The realtors I work with are nothing short of amazing. There are 3 Keller Williams’ agents that I work with daily: Nicole Darbaz, Josh Stokes, and Michelle Stokes. They have a certain entrepreneurial spark about them that continuously inspires me to grow and succeed as a business owner. My realtor clients are driven, they care deeply about their clients (homeowners), and they don’t need sleep. A winning combination of traits! TELL US ABOUT SOME OF THE PROJECTS THAT YOU HAVE WORKED ON. MC: Some of my favorite projects are the tough ones! From time to time, we’ll have a homeown- er who needs the extra push to get through the staging list for their occupied home. Those ones take a lot of realtor-stager team effort. The home usually has amazing potential, but there is a large to-do list in order to get it to reach that poten- tial. This list does not consist of high dollar renos. It does generally mean a lot of hands-on work; decluttering, moving furniture, painting, etc. In many cases, the homeowner doesn’t initially see the benefit of the changes and feels the house is perfect the way it is. Oftentimes, homeown- ers don’t have the time to put in or the space to store excess items. With the right realtor-stager team effort, and a lot of TLC, we’ll always get the picture-perfect real estate listing and then the sold sign! Those projects are close to my heart and I burst with pride when it all works out. No greater sign of success than when a homeowner can move on to the next chapter of their life.

“No greater sign of success than when a homeowner can move on to the next chapter of their life.” WHAT MOTIVATED YOU AS AN ENTREPRE- NEUR AND SMALL BUSINESS OWNER? MC: My motivation was design. I have always had a love of interior design. My education took me down a different path, but when the timing was right, I was drawn to the industry. There is no greater satisfaction than a client being excited about my work in their space. That alone drives me to grow my business and reach more people. I love that my ideas and my work help people. To me, if my work is a part of their success, my job is important. WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF AND YOUR BUSINESS 5 YEARS FROM TODAY? MC: Over the last few years, we have been growing our inventory and client base. We will continue with that and always search for new and improved ways to better serve our existing and future clients. When COVID-19 struck, we were forced to shift to a more virtual and remote approach to design and home staging. Although this was based on a business necessity at the time, it created an opportunity to expand our business outside our current demographic. We intend to grow this aspect of the business over the coming years. Lots of fun in our future! It is easy to see that Megan lives life to the fullest but is also a dedicated professional who is driven to perform whether that is to help agents and home sellers get that sold sign on their lawn or to be the first one to get the checkered flag on the dirt track. Either way we see a bright future for Megan and Trim Design Interiors.

“We work as a team to get each home sold for the home- owner.”





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