for different types of equipment. We also do intermodal, which means trains. When timing is not of the essence, but cost is, train is usually an efficient way to do that. Lastly, we also do inter - national. We do both container shipping which is full container from overseas down to one pallet internationally,” said Brandon.

“In the last 12 months, we’ve shipped in or out of almost 1500 different brewer- ies across North America.”

The company moves more than just beer. “We ship close to 100 million pounds of malt direct from the maltster out to the breweries every year. In the last 12 months, we’ve shipped in or out of almost 1500 different breweries across North America. We have industry partners like maltsters and the hop companies, as well as tank companies and kegs companies that are direct customers as well. So, we’re actually passing that savings along from the front end, right from the vendor from the very beginning,” said Adrian.

Brew Movers now employs 12 people to support customers and provide a high level of customer service. The company had planned to add addi- tional workers just prior to the COVID-19 restric- tions and hopes to eventually make that happen. Brew Movers strives to provide handcrafted solu- tions tomovingbeer andmaterials. “Our approach to the craft brewing industry is not only provid- ing the solution of getting your product, whether it’s beer, malt hops, kegs, tanks or equipment from point A to point B, but actually selecting the right mode. There’s a lot of different forms of transportation out there - some faster, some cheaper, some very expensive,” said Adrian. The team works to educate owners with regards to shipping and logistics. “Our product offerings and our modes include LTL, which is ‘less than truckload’ and truckload, which includes refrigerator, trucking, drive-in, and several different types of flatbed (step deck, low boys, drop decks and removable gooseneck)

While they do work with some enterprise customers, the focus is on small to medium sized businesses who don’t have access to the broader market. “The trucking and shipping industry is a 765 billion nationwide North American market. What we are aiming for at Brew Movers is to provide what we say in our tagline, ‘handcrafted logistics.’ We’re trying to provide that same level of top tier service to everyone, regardless of their size and frequency of shipping,” said Adrian. Brew Movers works to help customers build their businesses and save money, helping customers realize the value of saving even $25 per pallet. “All of a sudden, they realize that’s $700 or $800 dollars for only 2-3 weeks worth of pallets. That coupled with what we think is the exemplary service that we’re trying to provide is really a win-win for everybody,” said Adrian.

“In the last 12 months, we’ve shipped in or out of almost 1500 differ- ent brewer- ies across North America.”





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