Coldstream has also faced challenges due to the current challenging economic times. The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged Coldstream to find new and innovative ways to operate. Thankfully, they have managed to weather these tough times and are a champion of versatility. As other business- es closed, Coldstream continued to operate. The distillery remained open with many precaution- ary measures in place. We focused on sustaining business by growing the home delivery side with somedays up to 5 delivery drivers on the road. Coldstream Clear products continued to be in great demand, as Nova Scotians/Maritimers found themselves spending more time at home with the family and friends in their bubbles. The company also flexed with the times and started producing sanitizer to fill a pandemic-created demand in the Nova Scotia market. This tumultuous time has also allowed the Giffen’s to focus on expanding in Stewiacke and renovat- ing their new location in Antigonish. An exciting new endeavour, the location in Antigonish looks to be a great fit. Giffen said that the Antigon - ish NSLC is one where Coldstream products are well loved. Very much like Stewiacke, the Town of Antigonish has been super welcoming and everyone is excited for the distillery’s projected fall 2020 opening.

Due to Coldstream’s overwhelming gratitude for theway they have beenwholeheartedly embraced by the towns of Stewiacke and Antigonish, the Giffen’s are always more than happy to give back to the communities in which they operate. They donate to teams, charities and events, and most recently raised $20,000 for social justice and anti-racism efforts in Nova Scotia. In talking with Giffen, we learned that what makes Coldstream stand apart from their com- petitors is their commitment to innovation and being a relevant force in the distilling industry. They were the first company in Nova Scotia to launch ready-to-drink vodka soda beverages, which have now exploded in the marketplace. Coldstream’s popular lime vodka soda was intro- duced in August of 2017 in bottles and in the spring of 2018, they introduced canned beverag- es at the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC). “Cans are what people are reaching for more and more, and we had our finger on the pulse of convenience and new desired flavours,” explains Giffen. Coldstream produces a variety of products including vodka and rum, liqueurs spirits along with a selection on ready to drink canned bever- ages.

Coldstream currently employs fifteen full-time and fifteen part-time staff with more joining the team all the time. The Giffen family appreciate and value their employees who truly stand behind the brand. As with any new business, there are challenges in launching a brand. Everything is new and without a large team and substantial financial backing, getting through the first stages of growth is key. We learned a lot during that stage and although we have grown tremendously since then we are always still learning.





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