“Cans are what people are reaching for more and more, and we had our finger on the pulse of convenience and new desired flavours, ” Coldstream’s premium vodka is made from 100 % Canadian grains and pure artesian spring water sourced from the Giffen’s home in rural Nova Scotia. Coldstream rums are aged in single malt whiskey barrels for a smooth authentic taste. Of note, and not without coincidence, is that their relative Simon Giffen was Halifax’s first distiller. In 1749 he moved from Northern Ireland to Nova Scotia and soon become well known for produc- ing top quality spirits. Distilling runs in the Giffen blood. The Coldstream Clear Liqueur selections include tastes such as salted caramel, classic coffee, homemade apple pie, crazy for coconut and cinnamon hot shots. We also have seasonal products such as Candy Cane and Eggnog rum Cream. The newest flavor Coldstream has launched is their coffee rum cream, which has been a hit so far. Any flavour is sure to delight. Lime vodka soda, cranberry vodka soda, lemon iced tea, lemonade, lemon gin soda and peach iced tea are all available in Coldstream’s ready- to-drink cans. All of their beverages have zero artificial colours or sweeteners and are naturally gluten free. An added plus is they also contain about 50% of the sugar of a typical cooler, making this a truly better for you product, which is definitely a bonus for consumers who want to partake in beverages that allow them to party the night away without the guilt. Coldstream’s newest canned product that just launched in Nova Scotia, ‘Coldstream Twister’ a delicious combo of mango, pineapple, and cherry! Product and quality control are especially import- ant and that is why all of Coldstream Clear’s canning is done in house to ensure you get the perfect beverage every time. Griffen shared that currently the company is able to produce 72

cans a minute, but after their expansion of the Truro facility, they will have added an impressive 15,000 square feet and will be able to produce over 250 cans a minute. Proof that the company recognizes that in order to keep expanding, pro- duction has to increase to meet the demand now and in the future. The Giffen family acknowledges and appreciates the support they have had from fellow distillers in Atlantic Canada. Olivia gives a shout out to Ironworks Distillery as the pioneer in the industry and the family keeps that support in mind by paying it forward to new distilleries on the scene. The Giffen’s also relish the experience of being able to go to festivals where so many people can have the opportunity to see how vibrant the spirits industry is in Atlantic Canada. Currently Coldstream products are available in liquor stores in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, but the sky is the limit. The company has exciting plans to expand to many other liquor boards in 2021. Clear, crisp, clean, choose Coldstream Clear. Their handcrafted products are sure to exceed your expectations. For more information about Coldstreamproducts or to inquire about their local delivery service, visit or call 902-639-9030.





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