Welcome to the City of London Corporation WELCOME

Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the Senior Principal Project Manager role at the City of London.

The City of London Corporation is a uniquely diverse organisation.

We are centred at Guildhall but also have offices at Mansion House, Walbrook Wharf and outside the Square Mile in relation to our green spaces and other facilities.

We have a special role and wide remit that goes beyond that of an ordinary local authority with three main aims;

• to support and promote London as the world’s leading international financial and business centre and attract new business to the capital and the whole UK

• to work in partnership with local communities to increase skills, employment and opportunities for all Londoners, including through the City Bridge Trust

• to enhance the capital as a hub of culture, history and green spaces for Londoners – residents, workers, and visitors.

Welcome to the City of London Corporation SUPPORTING AND PROMOTING LONDON

The City Corporation plays a key role in sustaining London’s lead in international business and finance. This work ranges from the Lord Mayor’s role as an international trade ambassador to the Policy Chairman’s role setting the strategic direction of the organisation. We welcome foreign dignitaries and heads of state on behalf of government and represent the interests of business to Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels. This is to reinforce the importance of finance and business services to the UK economy and London’s status at its centre. We have teams dedicated to commissioning relevant research, encouraging inward investment and helping firms find appropriate property. We lobby for projects that can improve the City (such as Crossrail) and create ‘umbrella’ initiatives that bring disparate groups together to work toward common aims. This work also includes providing modern, efficient and high quality local services within the Square Mile to ensure it has the infrastructure to thrive – from housing and libraries, to street cleaning and traffic management and our own dedicated Police force.

The City cannot thrive in isolation. The City Corporation works with public, private and voluntary sectors to improve long-term economic, social and environmental well-being across London. This is largely focused on education, employability, skills and job brokerage, in particular for young people. We also support entrepreneurships, small and medium sized enterprises and social enterprises as well as fostering corporate responsibility in firms and encouraging volunteering and related activity. A major part of our work in this area is achieved through our charity, the City Bridge Trust which donates around £15m annually to good causes across London.

Welcome to the City of London Corporation


Both the City and City Corporation are about more than just business. We play a major role in London’s culture and arts provision. We support this through our world renowned Barbican Centre, prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama, our funding of the London Symphony Orchestra and part-funding of the Museum of London. The City has become a visitor destination in its own right with major attractions such as Tower Bridge and Monument which we own and maintain. across London, including Hampstead Heath, Epping Forest and Burnham Beeches, alongside more than 150 gardens, churchyards, parks and plazas in the Square Mile alone. We also own and look after 11,000 acres of open space

Welcome to the City of London Corporation CULTURE, HISTORY & GREEN SPACES

Welcome to the City of London Corporation VISION

The City of London Corporation supports, promotes and enhances the City of London as the world leader in international finance and business services, and maintains high quality, accessible and responsive services for the benefit of its communities, neighbours, London and the nation.

The Corporate Plan provides a framework for the delivery of services for the next four years.

Aims • To support and promote The City as the world leader in international finance and business services. • To provide modern, efficient and high quality local services, including policing, within the Square Mile for workers, residents and visitors. • To provide valued services, such as education, employment, culture and leisure, to London and the nation. Priorities • Supporting and promoting the UK financial based services sector throughout the world for the benefit of the wider UK economy • Improving the value for money of our services within the constraints of reduced resources • Engaging with London and national government on key issues of concern to our communities such as transport, housing and public health • Maximising the opportunities and benefits afforded by our role in supporting London’s communities • Increasing the outreach and impact of the City’s cultural, heritage and leisure contribution to the life of London and the nation • Preventing and combating economic crime and fraud throughout the UK


JUNE 2016

Welcome to the City of London Corporation CITY STATISTICS


Private sector employment and firms density

City characteristics

The City is a densely clustered business district, comprising 16,580 businesses 1 across 1384 office addresses 2 in 8.6 million m 2 of B1 office space. The residential population is small and largely clustered in discrete locations – 7,375 usual residents in 2011 (nearly 9000 including second home owners), across 4,385 households 3 .

Principal land use distribution

In 2014, the City’s workforce accounted for 8.6% of London’s employment - 414,600 jobs 5 , equivalent to the combined populations of Oxford and Brighton. 84% are full-time employees, 12% part- time, 3% self-employed. The City’s top four sectors comprised 83% of employment – financial services (39%), professional services (26%), business support services (10%), and Information and Communication (8%). The City has the largest financial services cluster in London – 163K jobs, compared with 69K in Canary Wharf (Tower Hamlets), and 45K in Westminster. Recent years have seen strong growth in jobs and businesses in the City – since 2010, a 16% (58K) increase in jobs to 2014, and 30% (3,800) growth in firms to 2015. While over half the new jobs have been in financial and professional services, the rise in technology, media and comms roles has been

While the majority of City firms (98.6%) are SMEs (<250 employees), the 225 large businesses based here account for around half of the jobs overall, and approximately three quarters of the financial services jobs. The City has the highest density of jobs and firms in London 4 .

1 ONS Business Activity, Size, Location 2015 2 planning/planning/development-and-population-information/ land-use/Documents/office-info-2014-a.pdf 3 Census 2011 data 4 uploads/2014/08/13-10-10-Inner-Londons-economy.pdf

5 Business Register and Employment Survey 2015


B1 office floorspace by zone

particularly fast in this period – 44% growth.

Employment sectors

Wholesaleand retail,10,900,3%


Accommodation and food ,19,300,5%

Informationand communication, 34,500,8%

Other service activities, 28,200,7%

Administrative and support service, 39,500,9%

Professional, scientific, technical , 106,600,26%

Financialand insurance,162,600,39%


Research looking at why SMEs choose to locate in the City 10 found that for most sectors, proximity to clients and customers was the key driver, followed by good transport links. This is perhaps unsurprising, as 60% – 70% of City SMEs trade with each other 11 . Financial services – concentrated in larger firms – prioritised access to the right workforce and appropriate premises. More generally, location was seen as an important factor in attracting the right staff.

The City is a dynamic environment for firms, with an average of 1,200 firms moving here each year between 2011 and 2014, and 819 leaving, a net gain of 375 firms and over 7000 jobs per year 6 .

Migration of firms

The City’s workforce has a number of distinct characteristics. Employees are young 12 (55% of the workforce between 25 and 39), 66% are educated to degree level, and median pay at £54K is around twice that nationally. 13 The City draws on a highly international workforce, with 68% from the UK, 12% Europe, 6% Asia, 5% Africa, 4% America, and 3% Australia. When interviewed 14 , younger internationally mobile staff were attracted by the career opportunities, type CITY STATISTICS of work, and direct access to senior staff; those at the more senior end also prioritised quality of life. 10 research-and-information/research-publications/Documents/ Research%202016/Clusters-and-connectivity-final.pdf 11 research-and-information/research-publications/Documents/ research-2013/City%20SME%20Supply%20Chains.pdf 12 2011 Census data 13 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 14 research-and-information/research-publications/Documents/ research-2011/Understanding%20Global%20Financial%20 Networks%20Business%20and%20Staff%20Location%20Decisions. pdf The City also draws on a wide geography nationally for its workforce, with 39% travelling from inner London, 29% from outer London, and 32% from outside of London 15 .

In 2015, there were 991 start-ups in the City, predominantly (55%) 7 in professional services, followed by transport, storage and communications (11%) 8 . Some sectors are highly concentrated around specific locations in the City – in particular insurance in the east, and law firms in the west, while financial services, business administration, and technology firms can be found across the City. The Eastern cluster contains the largest / tallest buildings and has the highest density of jobs in the City, primarily finance and insurance 9 . 6 TBR data for the City of London 7 Professional services includes real estate and support activities. Bank search data for the City of London 8 ibid 9 City of London, Offices in the City of London, 2014

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JOB DESCRIPTION Welcome to the City of London Corporation JOB DESCRIPTION


Senior Principal Project Manager – Major Projects


City Surveyor’s Department





Responsible to:

Assistant Director: Projects Directorate

Responsible for:

To manage on behalf of the Corporation the execution of major capital projects to the criteria established by the Client within the prescribed timescale and to the agreed budget.

Purpose of Post:

To manage on behalf of the Corporation, and be responsible for, the execution and successful delivery of major projects to the criteria established by the Client within a planned/ prescribed timescale and to an agreed budget. To act as the Senior Corporation Technical/Construction representative on all projects allocated.

To assist in the development of Project Management as an essential divisional, departmental and corporate skill set. Act as mentor/coach and Project Management Development Champion.

To be responsible for the management of staff, with specific responsibilities for recruitment, formal disciplinary action short of dismissal, appraisal, and learning and development.

Welcome to the City of London Corporation JOB DESCRIPTION CONT.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

1. Supervise the overall performance of consultants or contractors and take action when undue delay or negligence occurs, recommending legal action or the removal of consultants or contractors where necessary.

2. Report to the appropriate Committees on progress with the projects and liaise with Chairman, Project Sponsors Co-Sponsors and Elected members as necessary.

3. Presentation of subjective reports, to Corporation Committees and External Bodies (Public Meetings, Trust Boards, Sponsors & Co-Sponsors, Grant Aid Bodies, Government Ministers, Departments Civil Servants, and Major Building Occupiers) concerning project strategy, programmes, budgets and outputs.

4. Manage the budgets for all assigned Projects and approve release of staged payments to contractors and consultants. Certify project completion and final payments.

5. Develop Risk / Opportunity Management Techniques – allocating risks as appropriate.

6. Formulate the professional, technical and contractual framework/standards for contractors, all external consultants and specialists to work to. Ensure that satisfactory procedures are in place for the co-ordination of individual responsibilities and timetables.

7. Resolve complex technical problems, where necessary. Where legal action ensues drafting Expert Witness Statements and giving evidence

8. Take overall health and safety responsibility for the refurbishment project operations in accordance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

9. To be fully conversant with and undertake all work in accordance with the Corporation’s Standing Orders, Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, Financial Regulations, Control of Project Manual and City Surveyor’s Health & Safety and Departmental Manuals. To work in accordance with best practice as outlined by the Association for Project Management and other external bodies, e.g. JCT RICS, RIBA.

10. Manage critical paths and programmes on a number of different high value/high profile projects simultaneously.

11. Decide where emergency action is necessary e.g. suspension of operations or where additional specialist advice is needed.

12. Mediate and resolve disputes between consultants and/or involving the contractor.

Welcome to the City of London Corporation PERSON SPECIFICATION

Job Title: Senior Principal Project Manager- Major Projects Department: City Surveyor’s Grade & Level: G Level: 5

Please find below the key skills and core behaviours required to undertake this post. These will be used in the decision making process.

Technical Skills / Professional Qualifications Either: Chartered Membership of RICS, RIBA, CIBSE, IOB, ICE or I Struc E. Practitioner level membership of APM.

Experience Required Significant experience of managing external contractors, consultants, and specialists. Significant experience of managing internal staff teams. Significant experience of leading on and managing multi-million construction projects. Experience of presenting contentious and subjective reports to stakeholders concerning project strategy, programmes, budgets and outputs. Experience of negotiating with outside agencies, including solicitors, contractors and multi-disciplinary consultants and other stakeholders on project strategy, programmes, budgets and outputs. Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Outlook and Microsoft Project. Core Behaviours Below are the core behaviours identified for this post. Please give examples of how you have exhibited these behaviours in your previous role(s). It is essential you address the key indicators. Planning and Organising … Managing time, competing priorities and resources in a structured way. • Negotiates and agrees the scope, deliverables and timings with all parties on major initiatives. • Balances risks, contingencies and overlapping agendas when business planning. • Actively and continuously engages all key players and stakeholders in key service and organisational strategies and plans. • Establishes clear monitoring and tracking systems to review team and service performance improvement, taking action to address problem areas. Analysis and Problem Solving … Analysing information logically, drawing on one’s knowledge and experience base and calling on other references and resources as necessary to generate appropriate and/or creative solutions. • Consults widely to obtain data and input from all affected parties. • Thinks through the impact of various options from different points of view (commercial, financial, human, organisational, process etc). • Thinks laterally and ‘outside the box’ when faced with significant service or team challenges. • Willingly makes effective decisions in the absence of all available information. Thinking

Welcome to the City of London Corporation PERSON SPECIFICATION

Building Relationships

Team Working … Using appropriate interpersonal skills and working cooperatively to contribute to the development and management of positive and cohesive teams and partnerships within CoL and beyond.

• Facilitates the resolution of conflict among the team. • Celebrates and recognises successful team performance, publicly crediting individuals or teams in their natural work environments. • Establishes and manages successful partnerships with other departments, providers or contractors. • Builds a positive and dynamic team/service environment.


Accountability … Being responsible for one’s own actions, seeing things through, doing what we say we will.

• Assures that effective controls are developed and maintained to ensure the integrity of the service. • Establishes a culture of disciplined time-keeping, project delivery, individual and team accountability for achieving results. • Swiftly adapts service strategy in response to changing internal or external pressures/drivers. • Recognised by others across the organisation as someone who delivers what they say they will.


Customer Focus … Understanding and responding to customer needs (either internal or external customers), demonstrating a passion for high quality customer service and placing the customer at the very heart of what we do at CoL. • Recognises the ambassadorial role all CoL staff play, instilling a clear and determined customer focus across the team. • Takes accountability for dealing swiftly with criticism, complaints and feedback directed at self or team from customers. • In the face of competing customer interests - strives to achieve the best possible outcomes in all situations. • Proactively consults and captures the needs of all stakeholders/customers before embarking on new projects and initiatives.

Welcome to the City of London Corporation PERSON SPECIFICATION


Leading and Empowering … Creating a compelling future for colleagues; motivating and encouraging commitment and involvement through delegation, support and coaching.

• Builds a commitment to excellence and a common purpose by promoting CoL’s vision and business priorities to the team and external stakeholders • Operates an inclusive leadership style, trusting and empowering others to deliver results • Operates with a sense of flare, engages hearts and minds and is passionate about people • Encourages others to share diverse and creative initiatives, perspectives and ways forward Developing and Recognising Others … Nurturing the skills, behaviours, talent and potential of individuals and teams through training, development, coaching and feedback – acknowledging and valuing the contribution they make. • Encourages others to think through long-term career opportunities and aspirations within and beyond CoL. • Allows talented staff the time and freedom to work with more senior staff and undertake duties at a more senior level.

• Recognises steady improvement from staff as well as high performance. • Develops reward strategies to motivate staff over the short and medium term.

Managing Business Performance… Setting and managing clear and stretching performance expectations for individuals, teams and partners – accepting accountability for own results and those of the team.

• Benchmarks the team’s performance against cross sector standards of best practice. • Demonstrates a strong understanding of the principles of financial management to deliver priorities and stay within assigned budget. • Tackles the underlying causes of poor performance rather than symptoms. • Demonstrates strong commercial awareness and understanding of ‘value for money’ in authorising spending.

Welcome to the City of London Corporation TIMELINE AND APPLICATION PROCESS

Closing date for applications is Sunday 30th April 2017. MRG will be holding preliminary interviews w/c 1st May 2017.

For a confidential discussion please contact our advisors Ben Duffill and Nick Coppard of the Management Recruitment Group on;

Ben Duffill or on 020 7959 2368.

Interviews with the City of London Corporation will be w/c Monday 8th & 15th May 2017.

Nick Coppard or on 020 7959 2368.

Applications should consist of a comprehensive CV and covering letter outlining key matching experience.




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