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Creating & Maintaing a Healthy Lifestyle TAKE ACTION 1028 S. Cedar Crest Blvd. Allentown, PA 18103 • 610-776-2005 • www.CedarCrestChiropractic.com October 2018 Dr. Paul Braadt My grandparents at their graduation in 1923

I’d like to re-introduce myself to you. I’m a third- generation chiropractor. My father, Henry Paul Braadt, and his parents were all chiropractors and were very passionate about their profession, as I am. It was by observing and experiencing their good work that I developed my own philosophy. I am passionate about helping you create and maintain a healthy lifestyle to age gracefully without pain and disease, with enough flexibility, strength, and energy, and with a sharp mind to focus on chasing the dreams you create. My grandfather emigrated from Germany before WWI and worked as an electrician in the docks of New York City. While he was working, he was struck across his back with an I-beam and became paralyzed. When seeking treatment, “Currently, we have an unprecedented health crisis in America. We are ranked at the bottom

my grandfather spoke to a chiropractor in Staten Island, and they told him that they couldn’t handle his condition. Instead, the chiropractor suggested that he should go to Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa, as they could take better care of him. So he and his wife loaded onto a train. Once they arrived, they were told that if he became a student, they would treat him for free. In the end, both he and my grandmother joined the college, became chiropractors, and got the treatment he needed to get back onto his feet. They graduated with 1,000 other students in 1923, guided by Dr. B.J. Palmer, son of D.D. Palmer, the Founder of Chiropractic. Their graduation picture is above. After graduation, they moved to Williamsport, PA, and started a practice. He used to see 100 patients a day and, at times during the Great Depression, exchanged treatment for food. My father, their only child, also became a chiropractor and practiced with his father for several years before his father retired in 1962. My father was in the Navy during WWII, and after the war, he enrolled in Palmer College through the GI Bill and practiced in Williamsport, where I grew up. I graduated from Palmer College also, in 1976, practiced as an associate for a few years, and opened my practice here on Cedar Crest Blvd in 1981. My father and my mother, Elizabeth, later moved to Allentown, and my father joined me and practiced until he retired in 1985. Many of you knowmy mother, Elizabeth, who managed our front desk until her retirement at age 79. What a joy to work with them both!

Being raised in a chiropractic family, we didn’t turn to pharmaceutical drugs to fix our health problems. I’m the oldest of six children — three boys and three girls. Barring an emergency, whenever we got hurt or felt sick, we got adjusted, which helped stimulate the nervous system, and used other natural remedies. My parents focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle of eating whole foods, getting proper sleep, moving our bodies, and engaging in productive work. This lifestyle influenced me tremendously, guiding my family and me to a lifetime of good health. Of course, medicine can work miracles in emergencies, but the idea is not to need a miracle. Often, this year’s medical miracle is next year’s class action suit. Many people are not aware that there is a way to handle health problems without drugs or surgery. They aren’t aware of what it takes to get well or are unsure of where to start. Information frommedia and special interest groups tells us that pharmaceutical drugs can solve all our health problems, but that’s not true. While taking medications can be extremely helpful and lifesaving with acute health problems, lifetime drug dependency should be avoided. Drugs should in no way be a requirement to live out the rest of your life, unless absolutely necessary. Currently, we have an unprecedented health crisis in America. We are ranked at the bottom of all industrialized countries tracked by the World Health Organization (WHO) at the UN, and prescription pharmaceuticals are the fourth

of all industrialized countries tracked by the World Health

Organization (WHO) at the UN, and prescription pharmaceuticals are the fourth leading cause of death in America.”

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