Coping with Traumatic Death

of joy brought your family together. Now and forever they will trigger memories of your loved one. Today these special dates will be difficult, but later will provide you with reasons to

reminisce and begin new rituals. Planning ahead for holidays and birthdays not only allows you to prepare

Openly communicate what you need.

for those events, but also provides ongoing and open communication between family members. Future Losses Mourning the loss of all of the possibilities that could have been if your loved one was alive is something that most people experience. You may miss out on the possibility of having grandchildren or having your loved one with you as you experience life events. Thinking about these losses and

acknowledging them is a part of the grieving process. You may want to talk with someone or journal about the things you will miss due

Journal what’s on your mind.

to your loss. It may help you cope with those losses.


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