McHutchison CAST 2018


CAST20 18 The California Spring Trials is the annual weeklong event held at various locations along the California coastline. CAST is the industry’s premier launching ground for the newest plant varieties, signage, packaging products, merchandising programs and concepts. Our team of buyers, product managers and sales representatives take part each year in this tour in search of the latest and greatest products and programs to offer our customers. THE BEST OF

The following pages of this book will give you our highlights of what we found to be the best opportunities for your business in the coming year. We hope you enjoy!

DARWIN PERENNIALS Mini-Bells™ Red Penstemon A compact interspecific Penstemon with stunning rose red blooms in a full, upright habit with dark green foliage. Flowers profusely in early spring and reblooms in fall, plus it’s hardy in Zones 7 - 9a. Sky Blue Marvel Salvia A light blue addition to the Marvel family, with the same great habit as Blue Marvel and Rose Marvel. Features the largest flowers of any Salvia nemorosa on the market. It is hardy in Zones 4 - 9. Gardeners can enjoy the stunning display of color in spring and summer with little to no maintenance required. Super Star Coreopsis This garden super star has the largest flowers of any Coreopsis on the market. It’s similar in habit and garden performance to Darwin Perennials outstanding UpTick™ series. Hardy in Zones 5 - 9a, it offers mildew tolerance, too. Mirage™ Salmon Salvia Mirage’s self-branching, mounded habit resists breaking for easy shipping and less shrink. Hardy in Zones 7 - 9, it can be sold as an annual in the north, and overwinters in the south. This heat-tolerant series features a full range of intense flower colors, like this new deep salmon bloom with a dark calyx. The series is low maintenance for more color in the garden with less work.

Mini-Bells™ Red Penstemon

Sky Blue Marvel Salvia

Super Star Coreopsis

Mirage™ Salmon Salvia


Basewell ™ Young Plants A new product form, Basewell bare-root young plants feature advanced root development and no growing media. This allows Basewell product to ship to growers from off-shore production locations, ready to transplant directly into the finish container. Basewell delivers multiple benefits to the grower, including saving labor, optimizing space, and simplifying processes. Growers can find more information at



DÜMMEN ORANGE ANNUALS Begonia Portofino With oversized, truly double flowers, grower-friendly production, indoor/outdoor appeal, and retail merchandising support, the I’Conia Portofino series just might be the best choice for vivid hybrid begonias on the market. From Dümmen Orange, I’Conia Portofino features vibrant flowers, clean foliage, strong branching, excellent flower power, shade/part-sun tolerance, and unbeatable consumer preference. Petunia Sweetunia Fiona Flash ‘Sweetunia Fiona Flash’ is a perfectly matched new addition to the “superhero” line of novelty petunias from Dümmen Orange, including Suzie Storm, Johnny Flame, and Miss Marvelous. With a vivid orange-red bloom, Fiona Flash is sure to turn heads at retail. Sweetunia is a versatile series with mid-range vigor, perfect for baskets, containers, and landscape applications. Borealis Sunstanding Magenta & Helio Series Sporting bright flowers over glossy green and bronze foliage, these hybrid Impatiens from Dümmen Orange are both striking and sturdy, thriving in most garden conditions. New for 2019 are carefully curated sub-series to ensure laser-sharp uniformity in production. The Apollo sub-series is a vigorous choice that’s perfect for landscape applications. The Helios sub-series is 20% smaller and suited to applications where less vigor is needed. Uniquely sun loving, the SunStanding series is naturally compact, requiring minimal PGR applications. Geranium Big EEZE Foxy Flamingo New to the grower-favorite series is ‘Big EEZE FoxyFlamingo’ from Dümmen Orange. The highly uniform series is known for its enormous umbels, saturated colors and EEZE production requirements. These interspecific Pelargonium feature excellent heat tolerance and medium vigor. With pink variegated flowers, ‘Big EEZE Flamingo’ is a must-have for a wide range of container sizes and landscape applications.

Begonia Portofino

Petunia Sweetunia Fiona Flash

Borealis Sunstanding Magenta & Helio Series

Geranium Big EEZE Foxy Flamingo

DÜMMEN ORANGE ANNUAL COMBOS Developed by Dümmen Orange, Confetti Garden ® is the original multi-cultivar liner. Easy, tested combinations for the grower include components that root and time perfectly together for a finished combination well-suited to a patio planter or basket. Confetti Garden ® Fire Flash Confetti Garden Fire Flash features a sizzling combination of new Sweetunia Fiona Flash petunia, bold Aloha Kona Hot Orange calibrachoa, and large-flowered Empress Flair White verbena. Confetti Garden ® Pumpkin Spice 2019 Confetti Garden Pumpkin Spice 2019 is an improvement on a long-time fall favorite, incorporating new Sweetunia Fiona Flash petunia with Kona Honeycomb calibrachoa, and Empress Flair Peach verbena. Confetti Garden ® Blue Danube Confetti Garden Blue Danube is a cheery, bright mix of consumer-favorite Potunia™ Starfish petunia, bright Aloha Kona Yellow calibrachoa, and Empress Flair White verbena.

Confetti Garden ® Fire Flash

Confetti Garden ® Pumpkin Spice

Confetti Garden ® Blue Danube

DÜMMEN ORANGE PERENNIALS Gaillardia ‘SpinTop Copper Sun’

New for 2019 is ‘SpinTop Copper Sun’ from Dümmen Orange. With resilient petals that transition from a clear red to a bright yellow tip, Copper Sun is the first fluted-petal introduction in the SpinTop series, giving it a unique novelty look at retail. The new introduction fits perfectly into the existing assortment with a matching habit and timing. Mature plants reach 8-12”tall. With excellent landscape performance in trials across the continent, these Zones 5-9 Gaillardia are a must-try new series. Gaura Graceful Series ‘Graceful Pink’ and ‘Graceful White’ make up the large-flowering Gaura collection from Dümmen Orange. The plants feature a semi-compact, upright habit that performs well in production, shipping, and at retail. The clean foliage and re-blooming nature ensures these Gaura look great in both spring and fall retail programs. First-year flowering and hardy to a USDA Zone 6, the Graceful collection reaches a mature height of 12-14”. Leucanthemum ‘Sweet Daisy Birdy’ With a notably extended blooming period and large, clear-white flowers, the Sweet Daisy Leucanthemum collection from Dümmen Orange includes new ‘Sweet Daisy Birdy’ for 2019. This new introduction features impressively large blooms with reflexed petals, resembling Echinacea for a cottage-garden look. First-year flowering and hardy to Zone 5, the Sweet Daisy collection is a solid addition to perennial programs offering varying flower forms for added retail interest. Phlox Flame Pro Series There’s a lot happening with the Dümmen Orange Phlox program with the addition of the new Flame Pro series. These new cultivars flower two weeks earlier than the long-time grower favorite Flame series. With their extremely long flowering window, excellent matching habit, five brand new colors, and reliable supply, this series is sure to flourish at retail. Alstroemeria Inticancha Series The Inticancha series from Dümmen Orange showcases a wide collection of vibrant

Gaillardia ‘SpinTop Copper Sun’

Leucanthemum ‘Sweet Daisy Birdy’

Gaura Graceful Series

Alstroemeria that are ideal for spring programs— add them to an Easter or Mother’s Day program for premium retail positioning. Flowers are vibrant and long-lasting, and suitable for pots or the landscape. Grower-favorites include ‘Inticancha Dark Purple’ and ‘Inticancha Machu.’ The Inticancha Summer series is proven to have excellent garden performance and durability.

Alstroemeria Inticancha Series

Phlox Flame Pro Series

FLORANOVA Vinca Blockbuster

This exciting new series of ten colors brings all of the attributes you would expect from Floranova Vinca, but with huge flowers. Blockuster has a compact, well branched habit as seen with Vitesse, but with much larger flowers that maintain their well-rounded form. The flowers are capable of reaching 2 -2.5”, even in extreme conditions. The color intensity of Blockbuster is much greater, even in full sun conditions. Celosia Bright Sparks Burgundy The new Bright Sparks series stands out from the competition with its large plumes (3-4” tall and 3” wide), very well branched habit and great heat tolerance. The extra branching results in more flowers per plant and the bloom size on the secondary flowers also matches the initial flower. These blooms are also less prone to color fade than competing varieties, leading overall to a superb and long lasting garden display.

Vinca Blockbuster

Celosia Bright Sparks Burgundy


GREENFUSE ANNUALS Streptocarpus Ladyslippers ® Blue Ice

The Lifestyle plant series is all about consumer ease and the Ladyslippers achieve this easily. Once the flowers begin, they don’t stop. Perfect for year-round indoor sales since they have no photoperiodic response. One plant may have up to 40 blooms while sitting tucked in a room’s corner. 12-15” Petunia Blanket ® The Blanket series miliflora bloom size allows for unsurpassed weather tolerance. Quick growth, while maintaining tight internodes means the Blankets work in baskets as well as pots. A huge seller among landscapers as one container can This seven color series, is not only daylength neutral, but completely uniform. The easiest of all farinacea to produce, the Cathedral series is a favorite among America’s top growers. The new Blue Bicolor is a standout for it’s two-tone presentation. 15-18” Begonia Rex Dibs™ A breeding breakthrough in rex begonias brings the Dibs series. Their incredibly strong vigor not only eliminates weeks of crop time for the grower, but also ensures consumer garden and container success. Their brightly colored leaf patterns glow in even the heaviest of shade. 24-30” fill a 6’x6’ space with solid color. Salvia Cathedral ® Deep Blue

Streptocarpus Ladyslippers ® Blue Ice

Petunia Blanket ®

Begonia Rex Dibs™

Salvia Cathedral ® Deep Blue

GREENFUSE PERENNIALS Lupine Staircase ® Series A breeding breakthrough by Green Fuse Botanicals had brought forth the first Lupine series to not only be daylength neutral, but also does not require vernalization. The Staircase series can be planted to desired bloom schedule, eliminating winter kill and months of production time. The six eye-catching colors of Blue, Orange, Rose, Red, Blue/yellow and Yellow come as a fantastic grower mix. Their compact flower height of 15-18”means more shelves on a rack. Zone 4. Rudbeckia Rising Sun ® Chestnut Gold This daylength neutral hirta brings ease to spring production on a traditionally long day plant. Huge flowers present nicely spring through frost. 18-20”. Zone 7. Leucanthemum Green Fuse has introduced a line of leucanthemum which are all daylenghth neutral in flowering, making them easily programmable throughout the season for sales week-after-week. The varieties all have large, beautifully formed flowers on sturdy stems, but vary in plant size and flower doubleness for a full range of options for growers and retailers. Agastache Sunrise™ Series Green Fuse Botanicals is excited to introduce an all new series of Agastache. The Sunrise series was developed for unsurpassed color intensity while maintaining excellent branching. All seven colors of this series are completely daylength neutral and require zero cooling. While Agastache has gained popularity as a pollinator, they are also outstanding in both perennial and annual combinations as a unique center height. 18-24”. Zone 5.

Rudbeckia Rising Sun ® Chestnut Gold

Lupine Staircase ® Series

Agastache Sunrise™ Series


COHEN Nemesia Honey Series

Cohen has upgraded their lineup this year with several new colors to the Honey series with more compact habits and a variety of bicolor blooms. Argyranthemum Daisini Coral The Daisini series of argyranthemum are known for their smaller, but more plentiful number of flowers, across the plant. HISTIL Gaura ‘Summer Star Baby’ Summer Star Baby is a dwarfish perennial with large and crowded dark pink flowers. It grows up to 12” in height and has a long flowering season. Thymus citrodorus Cascata™ Lemonade This new Thymus by Hishtil is highly aromatic with strong lemonade taste and fragrance. To receive the optimal cascading habit, plant it in hanging baskets. Calibrachoa Trees FuntaStick Calibrachoa, developed and patented by Hishtil R&D department, is a high-stem grafted Calibrachoa with a beautiful rounded shape head and massive flower power. This one-of-a-kind ornamental is grafted by Hishtil and

Nemesia Honey Bicolor Wine

Nemesia Honey Bicolor Light Pink

Nemesia Honey Series

Gaura ‘Summer Star Baby’

Senecio Silvery Velvet

Jaldety Senecio Silvery Velvet Color and texture plant— an evergreen shrubby perennial, grown for its big silvery foliage, heat and drought tolerant, easy to grow, low maintenance. Great use for landscape,

providing some of the benefits grafted

plants have like drought durability and long-lasting flowering.

garden planting, rock gardens, house plant, an in combination containers.

Argyranthemum Daisini Coral

Thymus citrodorus Cascata™ Lemonade

Calibrachoa Trees

DANZIGER Phlox Phloxstar™ Red

Verbena Vanessa™ Bicolor Pink Nice semi-trailing habit with small clusters of pink and white bicolor flowers. Tolerant to powdery mildew and screened for flushing of color. Will show nice color all season long. Best in quarts and baskets.

This easy to care for, low maintenance red Phlox blooms all summer long. A true standout with striking red flowers that will add beautiful color to any container or landscape. Trialed and tested for easy rooting. Great in quarts and 2.5 quarts and gallons.

Phlox Phloxstar™ Red

Verbena Vanessa™ Bicolor Pink

New Mixis

Heaven Scent™ Lobularia: Lavender Stream™, Raspberry Stream™,White Stream™

Blushing Bride™ Petunia Littletunia™ Pink Splash, Verbena Vanessa™ White, Guara Grace™Blush

Morning Dew™ Bidens Yellow Sunshine™, Lobularia White Stream™, Petunia Littletunia™ Purple Blue

KIEFT SEED Lavandula Blue Spear

Spear Blue is one of the most characteristic Lavandula from seed. The appearance of Spear Blue is very strong and the plants are extremely long lasting. Spear Blue stands out with its very sturdy and strong flower stems and big flower spikes with intensely colored blooms.

Lavandula Blue Spear

Coreopsis Double Sun There’s early…and then there’s NEW Double the Sun. This bright coreopsis is 2-3 weeks earlier than other comparable varieties in the early cool season, and 1- 2 weeks earlier in Summer. This premium perennial is hardy in Zones 4-9, and it is already in flower before any other compact, semi-double yellow coreopsis.

Coreopsis Double Sun

KIENTZLER Osteospermum Summer Smile Series Bred with interspecific varieties that set bud under warmer temperatures, Summer Smile is a new series of heat-tolerant Osteospermum that extends the flower period for the class. There are four varieties in the series with Orange and Soft violet as key components to trial. Good for production with one plant in a 4-6” container and three cuttings in an 8” container. Petunia Veranda Compact Double Sugar Plum The key attribute to this variety is the great garden performance. –––The tight internodes on this plant do not stretch in the greenhouse, for a tidier appearance at retail. Plants are relatively self-cleaning, with large, double flowers that overlap the old blooms. Double Sugar Plum has a beautiful purple and white flower that is attractive in the garden or massed in landscape beds. Verbena Vepita Series These early flowering verbena were bred for small container production with very tight internodes and compact habits. The series has proven to have strong resistance to mildew and has great summer performance in containers and baskets. There were four new varieties added to the collection this year.

Osteospermum Summer Smile

Verbena Vepita

Petunia Veranda Compact Double Sugar Plum

PAC ELSNER Pelargonium Pinkerbell Pinkerbell is a stunning new regal hybrid with a more compact habit than the other lines, but loads of flowers that come nonstop throughout the summer months. Pinkerbell does not require cooling, but can be grown under traditional zonal geranium conditions as long as they are kept dry.

Pacific Plug & Liner HELLEBORUS FROSTKISS ® GLENDA’S GLOSS ® | PP# 28,008

A shiny new cultivar from the breeding program of Rodney Davey. Glenda’s Gloss sports marbled foliage and the flowers are white with magenta edging, having the look of a white flower dipped in magenta paint. Growth habit is a little taller and bloom time a little earlier than most in the Frostkiss series, similar to that of Glenda’s sister, Anna. Bloom time: December–March 12-18” x 12-18”. USDA Zones 5-8 PENNISETUM ALOPECUROIDES 24K GOLD™ | PPAF A bright golden foliage selection from the ever-popular variety ‘Hameln’. Foliage will deepen to green in the summer and autumn. 18-30” x 18-30”. USDA Zones 5-9

PANAMERICAN SEED Vinca Tattoo Series The art of plants comes alive on every Tattoo bloom—each petal looks like it is inked or airbrushed with soft brush strokes of black. Bold, fun, head-turning Tattoo is without a doubt, the most unique vinca on the market today! AmeriHybrid ® Picotee Flamenco Begonia This blooming beauty shows off large, ruffled, double flowers that are 4-8” in size. Tuberous begonia features stunning red and white bicolor blooms. Previously only available through Golden State Bulb, now available from Pan American Seed. Big Blue Interspecific Salvia The name says it all. This vigorous flower- ing annual features an eye-catching clear blue color. The first of its type from seed, this big beauty makes a splash in large containers. Super easy and super showy for both landscapers and home gardeners for their back-of-border plantings, sending out blue spires continuously from July to first frost, with little to no extra care. First Flame™ Purple Celosia The mid-height First Flame series introduces a unique color for this type of celosia in new Purple. It has a thicker plume than others in the series, and it won’t fade in high light or heat. Makes a great border plant and it’s also good in containers.

Porcelain Blue

Painter Romantic France


Colocasia Royal Hawaiian Maui Sunrise

Dianthus Georgia Peach Pie

Salvia Vibe Ignition White

Salvia Vibe Ignition Purple

Salvia Vibe Ignition Fuchsia

Salvia VIBE ® Series This trio was a huge hit with Ignition Fuchsia, Ignition Purple and Ignition White. Plants are uniform in size across the colors with large, very pollinator friendly flowers. The stems are extremely flexible, making shipping and displaying at retail a breeze. Colocasia Royal Hawaiian Maui Sunrise An outstanding addition to the Royal Hawaiian lineup bearing tropical glossy green foliage, with flamboyant white markings and veins. The entire lineup boasts outstanding garden performance in full sun situations. Dianthus Georgia Peach Pie AMERICAN PIE™ ‘Georgia Peach Pie’ was a real talking point at CAST this year. These perennial dianthus have strikingly massive flower sizes with pink petals accented with a unique dark peach center. Plants bloom continuously through the summer and overwinter well.

PROVENWINNERS ANNUALS SUPERBELLS ® HOLY COW!™ Calibrachoa ‘BBCAL85303’ USPPAF CanPBRAF • Glowing pink and white, speckled, star-patterned flowers with a yellow throat • Large, abundant flowers on cascading growth • Early to flower • Screened for Thielaviopsis resistance • Grow in 4.25 Grande™ containers, baskets, combinations and monocultures • 6-12” height; 12-24” spread • Part sun to sun SUPERBELLS ® Doublette LOVE SWEPT™ Calibrachoa ‘**’ USPPAF CanPBRAF • More compact habit than standard Superbells • Double, bright pink with novel picotee edge • Early to flower • Screened for Thielaviopsis resistance • Grow in 4.25 Grande™ containers, window boxes, combinations and monocultures • 6-12” height; 12-24” spread • Part sun to sun ROCKIN’ ® Fuchsia Salvia ‘BBSAL00301’ USPPAF CanPBRAF • Color breakthrough for S. gauranitica type • Large, fuchsia flowers with dark bracts • A pollinator magnet, especially hummingbirds • Darker, more compact, well-branched foliage than Amistad • Grow in 4.25 Grande™ and 1.0 Royale™ containers, combinations, monocultures and landscapes • 24-36” height; 24-30” spread • Part sun to sun TRUFFULA™ Pink Gomphrena pulchella ‘**’ USPPAF CanPBRAF • Covered in hot pink, cotton ball-shaped blossoms all season; great pollinator plant • Long-lasting cut and dried flower • Large, bushy habit that won’t flop • Extremely heat and humidity tolerant • Grow in 4.25 Grande™ containers, combinations, monocultures and landscapes • 22-30” height; 22-26” spread • Full sun

DECADENCE ® ‘Dark Chocolate’ Baptisia USPPAF CanPBRAF • Replaces ‘Dutch Chocolate’ this year • Charcoal purple to near-black flowers • Longer flower spikes extend above foliage • Full, bushy, shrub-like habit • Decorative seed pods in fall • 3-3.5’ height; 3’ spread • Part sun to sun • Zones 4-9 DOLCE ® ‘Apple Twist’ Heuchera USPPAF CanPBRAF • Leaves emerge chartreuse with red veining • Holding plants drier through dormancy results in strongest red coloration PROVENWINNERS PERENNIALS • Blooms late spring to early summer • Attracts pollinators; native cultivar

DOLCE ® ‘Wildberry’ Heuchera USPPAF CanPBRAF • Replaces ‘Blackberry Ice’ this year • Larger, glossier, bold purple leaves hold their color for much of the season • White flowers in early to midsummer • H. villosa hybrid; naturally vigorous with good heat and humidity tolerance • 10-14” foliage height; 26-28” flower height; 16-20” spread • Sun or shade • Zones 4-9 ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ Nepeta USPPAF CanPBRAF • Dwarf selection, smaller than ‘Cat’s Meow’ • Earlier blooming than ‘Cat’s Meow’ by 2-3 weeks beginning in late spring • Darker blue flowers bloom from crown to tip • Rosy purple calyxes extend the season of interest • Excellent perennial for pollinators • 12-14” height; 18-20” spread • Full sun • Zones 3-8 PRIMO ® ‘Peachberry Ice’ Heuchera USPPAF CanPBRAF • Color expansion to the Primo line • Apricot with silver overlay in spring • Intense apricot blush coloration in summer • Cream flowers in midsummer • H. villosa hybrid; naturally vigorous with good heat and humidity tolerance • 8-10” foliage height; 24” flower height; 30-34” spread • Sun or shade • Zones 4-9 SUMMERIFIC ® ‘Holy Grail’ Hibiscus USPPAF CanPBRAF • Near-black foliage forms a dramatic backdrop for deep red, 8-9” flowers • Bright green calyxes pop against dark foliage • Blooms from top to bottom of plant in midsummer through early fall • Robust, shrub-like habit • 4-4.5’ height; 4.5-5’ spread • Part sun to sun • Zones 4-9

• Matures to apple green with rippled edges • Full, dense plant; fills out the container fully • Cream flowers in midsummer • 10-12” foliage height; 18-20” flower height; 20-24” spread • Part shade to shade • Zones 4-9 DOLCE ® ‘Cherry Truffles’ Heuchera USPPAF CanPBRAF • Replaces Cinnamon Curls™ this year

• Deeper red color, impressive vigor and fuller habit • Attractively ruffled leaves on low mounded plants • Light pink flowers in early to midsummer • 8-10” foliage height; 18-22” flower height; 26-30” sprd. • Sun or shade • Zones 4-9 DOLCE ® ‘Spearmint’ Heuchera USPPAF CanPBRAF • Color expansion to the Dolce line • Broad, metallic silver-green leaves • Two-toned pink flowers are borne prolifically in early summer through midsummer • Plant in fall for best flowering performance • 8-10” foliage height; 26-28” flower height; 16-22” sprd. • Sun or shade • Zones 4-9

Ketchup ’n’ Fries by TomTato ®

After Glow SunPatiens ® Compact Pink Candy SunPatiens ® Vigorous Orchid SunPatiens ® Vigorous Red SunPatiens ® Vigorous Rose Pink SunPatiens ® Impatiens— Four New Colors! It’s no wonder SunPatiens has become one of the leading brands in today’s marketplace. Trusted by growers, retailers, landscapers and consumers alike—SunPatiens deliver flourishing color in both sun and shade, spring through fall. With over elevenyears of proven performance, no other annual brings more reliable flower power. The three new Vigorous varieties feature even better branching with strong plant vigor. Ideal for cooler regions and where fast-growing, massive color is essential. New Compact Pink Candy, like the rest of the compact varieties, provides strong retail appeal and a smaller habit that works well in high-density production. SAKATA SuperCal ® Premium Petunias–Five New Colors! The SuperCal series of thirteen trusted varieties is joined by five high performance, next-generation colors that feature larger flowers and a stron- ger mounding habit. Exceptional all- weather garden performance—beats the heat, rain and cold. Early flowering and frost tolerant; ideal for early spring production. High resistance to Powdery Mildew. The unique colors of SuperCal Premium offer great potential for late summer and fall promotions.

SuperCal ® Premium Bordeaux

SuperCal ® Premium Caramel Yellow

SuperCal ® Premium Bordeaux

SuperCal ® Premium French Vanilla

SuperCal ® Premium Sunray Pink

Four New Colors!

SunPatiens Compact Pink Candy

SunPatiens Compact Vigorous Orchid

SunPatiens Compact Vigorous Red

SunPatiens Compact Vigorous Rose Pink

SAKATA Senator iQ Begonia Semperflorens New Series!

New Senator iQ begonias are the intelligent choice. With a uniform and compact plant habit and the darkest bronze foliage on the market–Senator iQ really catches the eye at retail. Its tidy plant habit and large, bold blooms are perfect for containers and mass plantings.

Hot Topic Clown

Senatori IQ Deep Rose

Senatori IQ Rose

Senatori IQ Pink

Senatori IQ Rose

Senatori IQ Scarlet

Senatori IQ White

SELECTA ONE Skyscraper™ Series Salvia

This tender perennial extends your shipping and selling season. This season extender is great for late-spring to fall sales. It features large, 1-2” blooms that last longer and are better branching than seed salvia, as well as a nice medium-vigor, rounded habit. Sturdy stems are ideal for shipping and for hold at retail.

Salvia Skyscraper Dark Purple

Salvia Skyscraper Pink

Salvia Skyscraper Orange

Headliner™ Starry Sky Burgundy Petunia The mounded petunia series with dramatic color patterns has expanded to include a new pattern in the sky type, featuring large flowers with a star AND spots! Amazing in baskets and larger pots.

Petunia Headliner Starry Sky Burgundy

SUNTORY Senetti Magic Salmon

Senetti Magic Salmon’s flowers blend shades of blue and salmon into a tie-dyed effect. Imagine offering these as an Easter promotion, like colored eggs. Senetti pericallis plants thrive in cool conditions and are perfect for early spring sales. Crop finishes two weeks faster than original Senetti series, but habit and vigor is the same.

Senetti Magic Salmon

Brindabella Rose Series Brindabella Roses bring fragrance and fully formed flowers to modern shrub roses. The collection spans seven scentsational colors ranging from purple, dark pink, red and white to salmon and apricot. These low-maintenance roses are vigorous yet grow to only 4’ tall and wide in two years’ time.

Features and benefits include: • Large, double fragrant flowers • Densely foliaged, bushy growth habit

• Excellent resistance to black spot and powdery mildew • Well-suited to home gardens and commercial landscapes

SYNGENTA ANNUALS Calibrachoa Cabrio™ Yellow Controlled, mounded habits work well in both small pots and baskets. All colors flower consistently at 10.5 hours of day length. Hyper-uniform habits play well together for impactful multi-color combinations. Begonia Tophat™ White Finishes at least one week earlier than the leading competitors. Largest blooms in its class—up to 20% larger than BIG ® and Megawatt™. Bred for versatility, Tophat is easy to finish in 306-packs up to large patio containers. The only white in its class. Moxie!™ Geranium interspecific The first and only interspecific geranium bred for brilliant color in small containers. Mounded, densely branched habits deliver superior flower coverage all season long. Moxie! blends the best benefits of grower efficiency with class-leading genetics giving growers superior colors, and flowering in a package that’s right-sized for maximum color per square foot. Penta Beebright™ Violet On average one week faster than the competition. Tight uniformity and consistent, compact habit across all colors. Extremely free flowering with fast flower follow up in the greenhouse and the garden. Available in five distinct colors including best-in- class BeeBright Red.

Begonia Tophat™ White

Calibrachoa Cabrio™ Yellow



Main Stage Violet Picotee

Geranium Moxie Dark Red

Rose Mega Splash


Geranium Moxie Deep Rose

Penta Beebright™ Violet

SYNGENTA PERENNIALS Delphina™ Delphinium elatum The first compact series of Delphinium available Delphina is notable for a naturally compact habit allowing for ease of production and less reliance on plant growth regulators. Delphina’s four distinct colors are ideal for spring and summer perennial programs and work well in 2.5 quart and larger containers. Delphina™ Dark Blue White Bee Delphina™ Light Blue White Bee Delphina™ Rose White Bee Delphina™ Dark Blue Black Bee (NEW!) Kirigami™ Aquilegia caerulea Truly Programmable – Minimal vernalization requirement allows growers to dial-in production for sequential cropping and retail delivery. Excellent Uniformity –Narrow flowering window across the entire series helps ensures consistent bench-run sales. Retail Impact –Bold, vibrant colors with upward facing flowers give Kirigami impactful consumer appeal. NEW Colors Available: Kirigami™ Deep Blue & White Kirigami™ Rose & Pink Kirigami™ Yellow Kirigami™ Red & White Kirigami™ Light Blue & White Kirigami™ Mix Alpino™ Early Magic Saxifraga x arendsii A game-changer in saxifraga breeding, Alpino Early is very free flowering with large blooms in stunning colors. Alpino Early offers a more vigorous plant habit compared to Touran.

Delphina™ LIGHT Blue WHITE Bee

Delphina™ Dark Blue Black Bee

Kirigami Red White

Kirigami YELLOW

Approximately two to four weeks earlier to flower than our market-leading Touran series.

Alpino Early Magic Carnival

Alpino Early Magic Salmon

TERRA NOVA NURSERIES Geum hybrid PRETTICOATS™ Peach (‘TNGEUPP’) PPAF Pretticoats Peach reblooms throughout the summer. Airy, semi-double, peach flowers in abundance cover this fresh, easy to grow perennial. Amazingly green leaves with a compact habit make it perfect in a pot or in a border.

Geum hybrid PRETTICOATS™ Peach

Artemisia mauiensis MAKANA™ Silver (‘TNARTMS’) PPAF Artemisia Makana Silver makes a mounding, small shrub. Its soft, silvery foliage works great in a mixed container or in the ground. It can be used for containers, accent, or planted en masse. Makana Silver can be trained as a small specimen tree. It is a fast growing perennial and requires adequatedrainage. USDA Zones 9-11.

Artemisia mauiensis MAKANA™ Silver

TERRA NOVA NURSERIES Penstemon DAKOTA™ Burgundy (‘TNPENDB’) PPAF PBRAF Glossy, purple black leaves on a very hardy perennial. Lovely lavender to violet flowers in June, which are loved by hummingbirds. Shorter and more compact than ‘DarkTowers’ or ‘Mystica’. Tough and long lived. Showy dark seed heads in fall make great cut flowers. Penstemon DAKOTA™ Verde (‘TNPENDV’) PPAF PBRAF Not everyone wants dark leaves all the time so here is a unique lovely green leaf form of this tough, super hardy perennial. Fresh and glossy green leaves on a short, compact plant all summer. Showy lavender to violet flowers beginning in June. Fall shows off the lovely dark seed heads and tints the foliage dark purple. Heuchera GRANDE™ Amethyst (‘TNHEUGA’) PPAF PBRAF Bred to fill landscapes, this large leaf Heuchera villosa hybrid has a big mounding habit with purple, wavy leaves. Flowers on medium height stalks are not messy making it a beautiful landscape or container plant. Excellent performance across North America.

Penstemon DAKOTA™ Verde

Penstemon DAKOTA™ Burgandy

Heuchera GRANDE™ Amethyst

WESTHOFF Petunia Crazytunia Cosmic Purple Consumers are welcoming the new additions to our core petunia collections with open arms and freshly prepped flowerbeds. While some of our sheer and shimmery classic shades are still best- sellers, there is an overwhelming demand to provide an even broader range of unique colors and patterns to create custom combinations. The Crazytunia series range in displays from stonewash to starburst. There are neon brights, velvety blacks, pulsating duo-tones and bold confetti flashes. Calibrachoa breeding. The plants continually change color throughout the season, reacting to light levels, daylength and other seasonal factors. Blooms are not fading, but rather opening with different expressions based on environmental factors, so consumers always have a multicol- ored plant that changes dominant hues from sea- son to season. Chameleon provides gardeners a unique blend of colors on a single plant which is not found in other traditional bedding plants. These vigorous varieties have outstanding garden performance and season-long durability. Petunia Constellation Pyxis Eye-catching, starry-eyed patterns cover these unique petunia blooms. A very novel lineup for gardeners, these plants have a vigorous mounded- trailing habit and excellent garden performance. Flower patterns remain stable under various garden conditions, providing more predictability and satisfaction for the consumer. Calibrachoa Chameleon Series Chameleon marks an industry-first for

Calibrachoa Chameleon Berry Daring

Calibrachoa Chameleon Pink Diamond

Calibrachoa Chameleon Fashionista

Calibrachoa Chameleon Sunshine Berry

Petunia Constellation Pyxis

Petunia Crazytunia Cosmic Purple

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Crazytunia Fire Cracker

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