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operating officer of Suffolk Los Angeles. “Design, especially in the hospitality sector, is an art form and science all at once, and we love seeing our talented team highlighted through honors like Los Angeles Business Council’s Architectural Award.” Owned by Relevant Group and designed by Steinberg Hart, the hotels rise above Sunset Boulevard and silhouette against the Hollywood Hills, core to the Los Angeles skyline. The two hotels bring a breath of fresh air to the iconic Sunset Boulevard in historic Hollywood, boasting over 400 guest rooms between the two venues. The Tommie hotel draws inspiration from 1950s and 1960s homes, evident through their textured stone, floor-to-ceiling windows, and oak floors. The Thompson’s sleek glass design hints at the elegance and sophistication found within its luxury rooms and suites. At their base, each hotel features retail shops, a bar and restaurants. Construction for the hotels began in 2018 and was completed in late 2021, with the Suffolk team working diligently to bring Relevant Group’s vision to life, leveraging their interactive technology solutions to provide a collaborative project planning experience to clients and partners alike. Suffolk continues to expand their award-winning hospitality portfolio

with multiple builds across Southern California. Suffolk is a national enterprise that invests, innovates, and builds. Suffolk is an end-to-end business that provides value throughout the entire project lifecycle by leveraging its core construction management services with vertical service lines that include real estate capital investment, design, self-perform construction services, technology start- up investment and innovation research/ development. Suffolk is a national company with $5.0 billion in annual revenue, 2,300 employees and main offices in West Palm Beach, Florida; Miami, Florida; Tampa, Florida; Estero, Florida; Dallas, Texas; Boston, Massachusetts; New York, New York; Los Angeles, California; San Francisco, California; and San Diego, California. Suffolk serves clients in every major industry sector, including healthcare, science and technology, education, gaming, transportation/aviation, and commercial. Suffolk is privately held and is led by founder, chairman and CEO John Fish. Suffolk is ranked No. 23 on the Engineering News Record list of “Top 400 Contractors.”

THOMPSON LOS ANGELES BUSINESS COUNCIL’S 52ND ANNUAL ARCHITECHTURAL AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Suffolk, one of the most innovative and successful builders and real estate enterprises in the country, announced that its two Hollywood hotels, Tommie and Thompson, have won the Los Angeles Business Council’s 52nd Annual Architectural Award of Excellence in the Hospitality category. The project was honored at an award ceremony hosted by the Los Angeles Business Council in Beverly Hills this winter. HOTELS WIN “This year the Los Angeles Business Council is honoring projects that exemplify a new model of architecture, one that not only excels in design and execution but also has a meaningful impact in their communities,” said Mary Leslie, president of the Los Angeles Business Council. The Tommie and Thompson Hotels were selected from a group of 150 submissions for their inventive designs, amenities, and exemplification of architecture’s unique power to build community. Submissions competed in categories ranging from education and healthcare to housing and commercial office space. “We’re delighted to see these hotels are getting the acclaim we feel they deserve,” said Jim Stanley, chief

This stuff isn’t that hard. It takes some effort. But it also first takes some belief that it IS possible! Without that, you will still be complaining. Mark Zweig is Zweig Group’s chairman and founder. Contact him at clients, and it’s getting old. If this sounds like you, you are to blame.” “I seem to hear constant griping from owners of other AEC firms about how they can’t get decent fees from their

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4. Specialize. Jacks of all trades in a local area will never be able to command the same fees as out of town experts. Be the latter. No company is good at everything. If you think you are so talented at design that you can do anything, it’s no wonder you aren’t getting good fees. 5. Raise fees every year. I have always said that every firm should send out a notice to all clients, past and present, that fees will go up on the first of the new year. Do this every year and you will get paid better. Not only that, some clients will push a job ahead to get you locked in, and that is good, also.

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