Pushing the Press

Chadwick Tolley

artist’s statement My work begins as a process of collecting. I collect photos, textures, magazine clippings, and notes from personal observation. Most of these materials are assembled togeth- er in my sketchbook to create a sort of logbook. It is in my sketchbook that I process ideas and create drawing assemblages from which I develop prints. My drawings and prints are filled with visual metaphors that suggest a narrative. Each narrative is an intuitive response to mate- rial accumulated through observation, introspection, and visual mapping. I do not intend to create autobiographical work but often use personal experience as a point of ref- erence. My hope is that the final image will have enough information to suggest meaning but remain ambiguous enough to allow for personal interpretation.

bio Born in Missoula, Montana, Chadwick Tolley has a bachelor of fine arts degree in printmaking from the University of Utah and a master of fine arts degree, also in printmaking, from the University of Oregon. He teaches printmaking and drawing at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia. He has exhibited widely across the United States and has won various awards for his work, including a Purchase Award in the Atlanta Print Biennial; a Pur- chase Prize in the exhibition Ink and Clay in Pomona, California; the C.G. Metals Purchase Prize from the Boston Print Biennial; and a best in show award from the Oso Bay North American Printmaking Exhibition. His work is included in several public collections in the United States and in the Guandong Museum of Art in China and the Jordanian National Gallery of Art in Amman, Jordan.

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