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Joe Tsambiras

bio Joe Tsambiras is a printmaker living in Atlanta, Geor- gia. He received a master of fine arts degree in drawing and printmaking from Georgia State University in 2007. He is a founding member of the Atlanta Printmakers Studio (APS), teaches etching workshops at APS, works as a drawing and printmaking instructor at Kennesaw State University, and contributes to the development of the local art community. He regularly exhibits work locally, nationally, and internationally, and his work can also be found in private collections and in the collection of Atlanta’s High Museum of Art.

artist’s statement My work depicts a mythic world filled with imagery derived from the natural world, medieval references, children’s fairy tales, mythology, science fiction, and contemporary culture. It is not my intention to evoke a strictly realistic environment that one might understand via the five senses. Rather, I am interested in the space where nonlinear reasoning, intuition, and logic collide. Through the juxtaposition of seemingly disparate elements, I create a sense that the realistic and the fan- tastic are overlapping, leaving the viewer unsure where one begins and the other ends. While I draw from the wildness of the natural world, I take these elements and place them in a carefully structured setting, which further subverts the expectations of the viewer. As in a dream, the eye moves from one object to another without conscious direction, flowing between our known world and another.

Children of Alice II

I hear the water dreaming

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