2021-22 Crown Corporation Collaboration Annual Report

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Regional Approach to Infrastructure With experts from across government working together, a collaborative one-team approach is being taken to attract new industry to the province by proactively determining locations that will best support their varied utility and infrastructure needs. The Regional Infrastructure Committee leverages the collective knowledge across government to support new industrial opportunities. The committee, comprised of representatives from the utility Crown corporations and CIC along with Ministries of Highways, Government Relations, Energy and Resources, Agriculture, Trade and Export Development and Water Security Agency, are focusing on the development and maintenance of a catalogue/virtual map to assist in the early identification and assessment of potential sites that offer the best access to utility and infrastructure services at a competitive price.

When exploring opportunities for regional systems, the committee considers several items, including: • identifying where key utilities for industry already exist in large capacities • where utilities may be collectively located • identifying locations that, with additional infrastructure, could support multiple industries • availability of employees • raw input/material supply sources • access to roads and rail The committee also recognizes that large industrial systems can stimulate and support municipal growth as well. For example, industry requiring large volumes of water can create opportunities for shared municipal infrastructure, particularly regional water supply systems. Working collaboratively to proactively identify these sites speeds up the decision-making process for industry to invest in Saskatchewan and expedites the timeline toward successful investment attraction.


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