2021-22 Crown Corporation Collaboration Annual Report

Working Together: One Team The final theme of ‘working together’ is to realize cost savings by working as one team. The following two examples demonstrate that there are both short- term (Software/Product Licensing) and long-term benefits (Regional Approach to Infrastructure) to working as one team.

Software/Product Licensing Collaboration

What’s Next? • A licensing collaboration for Crowns, Ministries and Government Agencies is pending for Diligent Boardbooks, a Software as a Service electronic board portal which enables collaboration of board meeting documentation. The collaboration will enable all parties utilizing this software to leverage combined purchasing power for savings. • A joint RFP is pending for managed printers, to collaborate on support for the fleet of printers across the Crowns. This includes patching, hardware lifecycle management and paper/toner consumption. SaskTel, SaskEnergy and SGI are participating in this collaboration. • An RFP is in progress between SaskPower, SaskEnergy and SaskTel to select a new vendor for the application used by field technicians to dispatch and assign field work. • In addition to benefits associated with negotiating an optimal contract price for licensing, which all parties benefit from, the parties engaged in the license negotiations share knowledge and information throughout the process. This enables all parties to gain a significantly better agreement than they would be able to obtain working independently.

In 2019, SaskTel initiated a software licensing collaboration with the other Crowns. A comprehensive review was undertaken to understand opportunities across common vendors and products with an aim to secure improved pricing and contract benefits. Since the inception of this collaboration, the group has expanded to include ministries and other Saskatchewan government entities beyond the Crowns. The positive momentum continues, with savings achieved and more projects under way. Savings were reported for a collaboration between SaskTel, SaskPower, SaskEnergy and SGI on Forrester Licensing in 2021-22, with benefits forecasted for the next five years. Forrester provides objective, independent research utilizing both qualitative and quantitative data. Collaboration savings were also attained for Gartner licenses when SaskPower, SaskEnergy, SGI and the Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement were able to join an existing SaskTel agreement. SaskTel led the work to add the other entities and was able to avoid a significant procurement event and labour costs. A new Crown agreement was established for ServiceNow licensing, for a five-year term which commenced on January 1, 2022. Savings are forecasted for the next five years. ServiceNow is a software platform which supports IT Service management and automates common business processes.

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