Fairware Ethical Sourcing Ebook


For many, the thought of auditing a factory is daunting, but it’s not as overwhelming as you may imagine. To start, it is relatively inexpensive if you’re considering a key part of your supply chain. On average, a factory audit for social compliance will cost between $1000 and $1500 USD. Because of the nature of our business and our size, we can’t afford nor is it realistic to audit all the manufacturers we use. We started looking at key bag and water bottle suppliers, as they are two of our top selling commodities. To be blunt, auditing a factory is easy – you hire experts to do the actual auditing. The difficulty lies in ensuring you have the buy-in from your factory partners to address any issues that may arise in the findings. The remediation and follow up steps from an audit are generally the part that poses the most challenges.


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