Fairware Ethical Sourcing Ebook

LICENSE TO OPERATE In an age of transparency, knowing where your products are coming from, how they’re made and what’s in them is a basic license to operate. WALK THE TALK Aligning your corporate values with your spending habits is an often overlooked way to walk the talk. For example, if you’re an organic food company, it makes sense to make sure your staff apparel also reflects your commitment to organic. Addressing sustainability issues in your supply chain shows a consistency in what you say and what you do. SUPPLIER PARTNERSHIPS As you get to know more about your suppliers, you deepen commitments and relationships which can lead to better terms and service.

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT If your logo is on a product, it

represents you. It’s good to know how to select suppliers you can trust who share your values and goals. You don’t want to end up eroding brand trust because of the t-shirts you choose.


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