Fairware Ethical Sourcing Ebook

6 TIPS for assessing your B2B supply chain

Learn about International Code of Conducts. Companies that have Code of Conducts in their supply chain base them on Inter- national Labour Organization (ILO) standards. These Codes are similar across companies and industries and it’s good to understand the key issues they’re addressing. For more details on codes of conduct, check out the FLA (Fair Labor Association). Read up on the business case for sustainable supply chain. Adopting sustainable purchasing programs can generate positive impacts, including financial, environmental and socio-economic benefits. Knowing some of these can help you ‘make the case’ to your team. Take a look at this report for more insight. Understand the barriers to change. Nobody likes change even if it’s for the better. Understanding how individuals react to change and how to manage it is key to getting your co-workers and suppliers to change habits. Here is a good, short read on the psychology of change so you can have a higher chance of success. EDUCATE YOURSELF TIP #1


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