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O ver my past 38 years in practice, I’ve gone to great lengths to take good care of my family and myself using the knowledge I’ve acquired. To date, we’re all well and healthy. I made it through some of the “wacky” things I tried in my youth, like an all-raw diet that left me exhausted and way too thin. I was recently reading my chiropractic college newsletter, and in the obituary, I saw that one of my best friends had died at age 68. He was the fourth of my five college roommates to die early. One died at 45 with heart disease, another at 51 with metabolic disease and another at 53 with complications from obesity. Two of these men were co-captains of the Palmer College national championship rugby team. I paused to contemplate my own mortality, but realized I was fine. Why? I have been applying what I know about living a healthy lifestyle, and by every measure my family and I are healthy. I thought you might want to know what I do to feel energetic, youthful and healthy. There is a computer term that is also applicable to many current health problems in our culture: GIGO … Garbage In, Garbage Out . The dietary recommendations advised by the medical industrial establishment over the past 60 years are directly responsible for an explosion of obesity and metabolic disease. Worse, expanding drug therapy is the standard remedy for obesity- related diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s. Over 60 percent of Americans take one prescription drug daily, and 30 percent take more than five. Our children, unfortunately, are included in this epidemic. I thought you’d like to know how I maintain my health through my daily efforts to stay out of this mess. There are two well-researched

paths to predictable good health. One is easier and more gradual, and the other requires a bit more discipline initially but yields more significant rewards. One Degree of Change is a book-based program in which you gradually learn to begin each day with one degree of positive change regarding what you put into your body. Developing healthier lifestyle habits is the key to health. We have this book available for purchase in my office. Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting is the eating plan my wife and I have been on for the past 18 months. She’s lost 20 pounds and I’ve lost 10, mostly in belly fat. We both feel more energetic and younger. For breakfast, I eat organic eggs cooked in Kerrygold butter, organic whole milk, plain Greek yogurt (less sugar), organic berries, and raw unsalted nuts. I make a green shake with lots of vegetables and Califia Farms unsweetened almond milk. I end with a delicious Bulletproof Coffee (Google it). Lunch includes an organic salad with lots of veggies, olive oil, cheese, and chicken or fish on top, with nuts on the side. Dinner is similar to lunch, and dessert is organic berries or organic 85 percent cacao dark cocoa. Beverages are water with lemon and Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, or sparkling mineral water. On this eating plan, you don’t eat between meals (intermittent fasting), and you don’t consume sugar or grains. This book is also available at my office. I’m here to help you implement either of these eating plans. They are a way of eating, not a diet, and they can help you feel more energetic and younger while helping to minimize future health risks. I also recommend you begin your healthy eating journey by scheduling a

Personalized Nutrition Assessment to find out what nutrition your body specifically needs. Please, don’t wait until bad things happen to you or someone you love before you take action.

In knowledge and health,

–Dr. Paul Braadt

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