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OUR APPROACH Customer Service Excellence

From their very first day with The Property Jungle all our team mates learn that we are not just an IT company. We are a customer services company and it just happens that IT is what we do. The magic and voodoo that goes into making great websites is difficult and complex,

requiring degree level skills in many disciplines. But we believe that all of that should be invisible to you. It is our job to listen to what you want, to advise on what is possible and to deliver a little bit more. That’s why, unlike so many other web development companies, we don’t talk in jargon or about millions of lines of code, or of methodologies and frameworks. We know you want to trust a partner

that understands your business, has worked in your industry and with whom you can just speak your own language, without having to educate you on what we do and how we do it. That’s The Property Jungle. We are the safe pair of hands that make the technically difficult seem invisible for you, and allows you to focus on generating income from the website. Supporting Your Business Objectives There are many purposes behind a property website, but the principle business objectives are usually to persuade anonymous surfers to make contact with you so that you can deploy your real-world expertise for their benefit. That’s why a good property site will convert an applicant into a vendor or a landlord. It will create requests for valuations, as well as viewings. It will be a moving resource that attracts repeat visitors and creates brand penetration and referrals. It will be your best negotiator working for you all day and all night, all year round. We understand the business needs that drive modern agencies and will work in partnership with you to make sure that your specific business objectives are met by your website. The Project Process

Having built over 1,800 property sites has given us a great insight into the project processes that work best with today’s estate and lettings agencies. With this experience we have developed an agile 7 step process that encourages your maximum input and knowledge of progress at all stages, whilst allowing us to build it as near right first time as can be achieved.


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