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Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We appreciate that our clients don't come to work to demonstrate their IT skills. From time to time people just get "stuck", so we are here to help. We have a permanent full time Support Team always able and willing to assist you with things that sometimes just don’t work as you expected. We also understand that all sorts of things happen that affect how up to date your site is and you need to be able to respond to these quickly. A lot of minor content changes can be handled by you using our Content Management System (CMS) but many of your requirements are larger than that.  Legislated changes (Cookies, Landlord Fees, Tenant Fees, EPC's, Redress Schemes, Companies Act etc.)  Response to competition  Changes to branches  Staff changes  Search engine algorithm changes  New divisions  Rebrands  Special events, offers or promotions  Changes of software

There are many reasons why you may need to make changes to your site and to make sure that these happen in a timely and affordable fashion we have a dedicated Maintenance Team who, between them, have dozens of years’ experience of web development, agency and our systems.

Continuous Development & Improvement We know we have no automatic right to stay as market leaders, so we invest in continuous development and improvement in the capabilities of our software in order to make sure that you get to benefit from them. Every site that we host is constantly being upgraded behind the scenes so that whenever you want a new feature, page or add-on adding to the site the code is already there to make it cost effective to implement.


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