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A huge thank you to our residents who took the time to respond to the 2022 Annual Residents’ Satisfaction Survey. We had a good response rate with just under half of our residents taking part – that’s almost 500 respondents! The Resident Satisfaction Surveys are an important opportunity for us to hear from you. Your thoughts, feelings, opinions and feedback – what is working for you and what could be improved. We take everything on board and the results help us to identify the specific areas we need to focus on and tell us when we’re getting it right for you. What you told us: • You’re more satisfied with our maintenance and repairs, with a 6% increase in satisfaction compared with 2021 • Your satisfaction with your home and neighbourhood has remained steady, with 78% and 75% respectively • Your overall satisfaction has risen by 2% to 79% , Resident Satisfaction Survey results

2022 Snapshot




satisfied with home

satisfied with maintenance and repairs

satisfied with customer service




satisfied with ease of contacting right person

satisfied that we take account of residents’ views

overall satisfaction




satisfied with neighbourhood

satisfied with the way feedback was dealt with

rights are upheld

Not surprisingly, several local issues of concern to residents were highlighted in the survey. The impacts of these issues ranged from night noise, air pollution and other neighbourhood disturbances. We are continuing to work to find solutions to these issues, and we appreciate the time

and energy impacted residents have taken to document, record and provide information to ourselves and the relevant authorities. We will continue to communicate with impacted residents as we work towards finding lasting solutions.

which is great result and one which we take pride.


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