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In September we notified residents via a letter about changes to the market rent amount for their homes. Housing Choices SA has an obligation to advise all residents of the market rent amount applied to their home by the Valuer General. We understand that this letter has caused some confusion for residents. We are sorry for any concern caused as a result of this letter. We want to clarify that all rents are income based and we are required to calculate your rent based on your household income via our six-monthly rent review process. For residents who do pay full market rent, any increases to your rent will be capped at $10 per rent review in March 2023 and September 2023 and these residents will receive a communication regarding this closer to the time. Thank you to residents that have provided feedback regarding this letter. We will use your feedback to improve our market rent communications in future. If you have any questions regarding this letter, please contact your Housing Officer on 1300 312 447 . Market rent clarification

ASES Accreditation

Housing Choices SA recently completed the Australian Service Excellence Standards External Accreditation for both our Common Ground Adelaide program and Catherine House. We are pleased to announce we met all of the essential requirements at certificate level. This great outcome is especially significant given that we are still working through our integration between Housing Choices and Catherine House. As part of the assessment, our leadership team board, staff, residents and stakeholders participated in interviews, and staff completed a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate how Housing Choices SA meets the criteria for accreditation. Some of the key findings in respect to our services included: • Client/resident-led services foster respect and equality • There is good client/resident and community engagement in both Catherine House and Common Ground

• Housing Choices has an innovative and evidence-based service delivery model - specifically noting the Housing First model • Housing Choices has a focus on positive client outcomes, with a flexible and agile approach to meet client needs • Staff at Housing Choices are skilled, professional and committed • Housing Choices have embedded a culture of respect, equality and belonging • There is good team work with collaboration across Housing Choices and with partners

There were also some quality improvement

opportunities suggested, including improvements to risk reporting and strategies to improve environmental

sustainability that the management team will

consider and include as part of the Housing Choices SA quality improvement plan.

Above: the Housing Choices SA team with their ASES accreditation, standing left to right: Mark, Celia, Deirdre, Anne, Julie, Cristy, Jaylee, and Fiona.


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