Suit and Tuxedo Rental ECatalog

VERTICAL Vest and Tie Collection by

LarrBrio eurostile ext

WO501 TD501

WM501M TD501M Multi Stripe DOT

WO101 Ombre Windsor


Black Metallic VR501M - Vest TR501M - Bow Tie QR501M - P.S. SUR501M- Suspender


VR501 - Vest DOT TR501 - Bow Tie Windsor Tie Bow Tie QR501 - P.S. QO501 - P.S. QD501 - P.S. SUR501- Suspender Ombre

VR101 - Vest TR101- Bow Tie QR101 - P.S. SUR101- Suspender


Bow Tie

QM501M - P.S QD501M - P.S.

QO101 - P.S.

WO102 Ombre Windsor

Platinum VR102 - Vest TR102- Bow Tie QR102 - P.S. SUR102- Suspender

WO174 Ombre Windsor

WO106 Ombre Windsor


WM102M Multi Stripe

Lt. Silver

Silver Metallic VR102M - Vest TR102M - Bow Tie QR102M - P.S. SUR102M- Suspender

VR174 - Vest TR174- Bow Tie QR174 - P.S.

VR106 - Vest TR106 - Bow Tie QR106 - P.S. SUR106- Suspender


QO102 - P.S.

QO174 - P.S.

QO106 - P.S.

QM102M - P.S.

WM126M Multi Stripe

WO303 Ombre Windsor

WO113 Ombre Windsor

WO202 Ombre Windsor

Gold Metallic VR126M - Vest TR126M - Bow Tie QR126M - P.S. SUR126M- Suspender

Diamond White VR303 - Vest TR303 - Bow Tie QR303 - P.S. SUR303- Suspender



VR113 - Vest TR113 - Bow Tie QR113 - P.S.

VR202 - Vest TR202 - Bow Tie QR202 - P.S. SUR202- Suspender


QM126M - P.S.

QO303 - P.S.

QO113 - P.S

QO202 - P.S.

WO555 Ombre Windsor

WO103 Ombre Windsor


WO109 Ombre Windsor

WO130 Ombre Windsor

Apple Red VR103 - Vest TR103 - Bow Tie QR103 - P.S. SUR103- Suspender

Tangerine VR109 - Vest TR109 - Bow Tie QR109 - P.S. SUR109- Suspender

Cappuccino VR130 - Vest TR130 - Bow Tie QR130 - P.S.

VR555 - Vest TR555 - Bow Tie QR555 - P.S.

QO555 - P.S.

QO103 - P.S.

QO109 - P.S.

QO130 - P.S.

WO131 Ombre Windsor

WM104M Multi Stripe

WO254 Ombre Windsor

WO137 Ombre Windsor

Guava/Flamingo VR131 - Vest TR131 - Bow Tie QR131 - P.S. SUR131- Suspender

Red Metallic VR104M - Vest TR104M- Bow Tie QR104M - P.S. SUR104M- Suspender

Jalapeno VR254 - Vest TR254 - Bow Tie QR254 - P.S.

Strawberry VR137 - Vest TR137- Bow Tie QR137 - P.S.


QO131 - P.S.

QM104M- P.S.

QO254 - P.S.

QO137 - P.S.


Images of accessory colors may vary. Please request to view an actual fabric swatch at this professional retailer.

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