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August 2018


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My Favorite Back-to-School Tradition

August tends to be one of the hottest months of the year, and when the weather screams ice cream and swimming pools, it’s hard to believe the school season will be starting up again soon. But the kids are now frantically trying to cram as much summer vacation into the next few weeks as possible, because soon we’ll be on the hunt for new school supplies. I always looked forward to back-to-school shopping when I was a kid. It’s not that I was a huge fan of pencils and composition notebooks. What I enjoyed was shopping for school clothes, because it meant my brothers and I each got to have a one-on-one day with mom. This was our tradition and it was very special to me. Yes, our family spent a lot of quality time together, but anyone with multiple siblings knows you don’t get a lot of personal time with your parents. Any one-on- one time with my parents was special, even if that time was spent shopping for clothes. There was a limited selection of stores at the mall in rural Iowa, but my mom and I made it work. Keep in mind, this was the 1980s, and fortunately our mall did have all the ‘80s classics, including Guess, Bachrach, and Chess King. I swear, all those clothing choices seemed like a good idea at the time — though that top perm I got one year couldn’t have grown out fast enough. After we updated my closet with clothing that would embarrass my daughters today, Mom let me pick the restaurant where we would

Shopping with my mom provided some of my favorite experiences during childhood, and I hope my kids will have many fond memories of their own.

eat before driving home. This annual shopping trip was like a second birthday or a personal holiday to me. Not long ago, I paid a visit to that mall where my mom and I did all our school shopping. The mall itself is still standing, but only two of the anchor stores are still there. All those old stores I remember have been

swapped out. Even my favorite restaurant has been replaced. It was like walking down a bizarro version of memory lane. But while those stores have disappeared like a bad ‘80s perm, I still have all those great memories with my mom. Shopping with my mom provided some of my favorite experiences during childhood, and I hope my kids will have many fond memories of their own. I’d like to think they will, mostly because they are so close with their mom, like I was and still am (hi, Mom!). Michelle is a school teacher, and not only does she have back-to-school traditions for getting her class

in order, she has a special routine for our girls to get them ready for school. Plus, Michelle’s job means she gets to spend a lot of one- on-one time with the girls, doing fun stuff all summer long. With summer drawing to a close, I want to shout out all the students and teachers getting ready to go back to school this year. May there be plenty of new, wonderful memories to be made and cherished for the rest of your lives. –-Jason A. Schermer


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