Driving a vehicle while impaired is a dangerous crime, yet continues to happena- cross the United States. Each year, about 1 million individuals are arrested. What happens after those arrests depends on the criminal justice system. As a court mon- itor, MADD staff get the insider’s perspective on the judicial system whilemaking a vital contribution to your local community. Their presence in court and the data they collect will help make sure our laws are upheld and the criminal justice system does what it is intended to do: Keep us safe. Court monitors achieve the work of MADD’s Court Monitoring Program by doing the following: MONITORING MADD’S Court Monitoring Program

Remind law enforcement that MADD wants to see their cases prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law

Track conviction rates and sanctions

Identify trends in offender age, gender, and blood alcohol concentration level

Notify judicial system of deficiencies

Create public outcry when weaknesses go unaddressed

For more information about court monitoring efforts in your state, please visit madd.org/courts .

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