2020 Oregon Catalog

ANSI Information

Oregon® Saw Chain Classification Chart Low kickback saw chain

Professional use saw chain

Part numbers of Oregon saw chain that follow the ANSI low kickback standard (paragraph are listed below. Packages of Oregon low kickback saw chain carry this au- thorized UL Classification Marking:

Part numbers of Oregon chains that do not meet ANSI low kickback performance requirements are listed below. The chains below should be used only by those with experience and specialized training for dealing with kickback.


Saw Chain Part Numbers by Gauge Pitch .050" .058"


25AP, 25A, 25F

This saw chain met the kickback performance requirements of ANSI B175.1-2012 when tested according to the provisions of ANSI B175.1-2012. Low kickback saw chain meets the kickback performance requirements of CSA Standard Z62.3.


91VXL, M91VXL*

3/8 low profile ™

20LPX, M20LPX*, 95TXL 72APX, 72DPX, M72DPX*, 72LGX, 72JGX, 72EXL, 72EXJ, 72JPX, 72LPX, M72LPX*

21LPX, M21LPX*

22LPX, M22LPX*


73DPX, M73DPX*, 73JGX, 73LGX, 73EXL, 73EXJ, 73LPX, M73LPX*

75DPX, M75DPX*, 75JGX, 75LGX, 75EXL, 75EXJ, 75LPX, M75LPX*

Saw Chain Part Numbers by Gauge Pitch .043" .050"




.325 low profile ™ 3/8 low profile ™





72CJ, 72CK, 72CL, 72ECL, 72ECJ, 72ECK

75CJ, 75CK, 75CL, 75ECL, 75ECJ, 75ECK

90PX, 90SG

91P, 91PS, 91PX, 91PXL

20BPX, M20BPX*

21BPX, M21BPX*

22BPX, M22BPX*


27X, 27AX, 59J, 59L, 68LX, 68JX 27R, 27RA 68CL, 68CJ








The above Saw Chain Classification Chart supersedes and replaces all previous Oregon Saw Chain Classification charts and posters.

* DuraCut™ chain – see Saw Chain section for details

Dealer Responsibilities

Dealer expertise You can help your customers stay safe and get the job done right. As you learn more, you’ll know exactly which products are right for the job. Getting familiar with the chainsaw fit- up information in this catalog is a good first step. The fit-up and application information in this catalog are based on data pulled from a variety of sources. This guide can help you choose products that are right for your customer. But a note of caution — it is possible that some of the information provided contains errors. That’s because it’s not possible to account for variations in cutting conditions. Or, for how people might use these products from region to region. Dealers should confirm all data and infor- mation provided herein. Oregon disclaims all responsibility for any errors contained in this catalog. All dealers are urged to become as knowledgeable as possible about: • Local conditions and customer needs • Kickback, and how you can help limit your customers’ exposure to injury • Issues specific to Oregon products, including our end‑use symbols, Intenz ® guide bars and Guard Mate ® bar-nose tip guards, as seen in these pages

Dealers, use extra caution if your customer wants: Cutting chain that does not meet the low kickback provisions of the ANSI standard, or any replacement guide bar with a nose radius larger than the original-equipment nose. Oregon urges you — and all of our dealers — to advise these customers that this choice brings added risk of injury. Note also, that customers can buy the chains and bars that meet ANSI low kickback performance requirements. In accordance with ANSI, dealers should advise customers not to use yel- low label chain if they do not have experience or specialized training for dealing with kickback. Oregon chain package labeling Boxes of Oregon chain are identified on the outside. We identify them using a green or a yellow label. Oregon preprints loop boxes and sheets of labels with the required ANSI kickback information. These preprinted loop boxes and labels are packed inside reel boxes of Oregon chain. Dealers must pack loops of chain into the loop box that has the cor- responding green or yellow ANSI information. If you are not using a preprinted loop box, then apply the corresponding green or yellow label to either: the chain, the saw’s guide bar or the invoice at the time of sale. Extra boxes and labels are available through your Oregon distributor.


ANSI Information


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