Marathon PT-Is Arthritis Causing Your Joint Pain?

Marathon Monthly November 2017 Physical Therapy Getting to know Kevin Zemana, DPT PHYSICAL THERAPIST Q. & A.

Q: How did you get interested in Physical Therapy? A: I have always been exposed to the medical field. My father used to be a med student before he switched over to Veterinary Medicine. He was also an anatomy professor in a prestigious university in upstate NY. My mother is a clinical psychologist and a social worker. You may say that it in the genes. :) Physical therapy was a combination of both my parents’ fields, where scientific knowledge and patient interaction A: If ever I do have any spare time, I spend it playing with my 2 children, Kara and Nate. FYI, I have twin girls on the way. If you don’t see me in the office, just assume I’m busy digging myself out of diapers. On other occasions I enjoy playing the guitar and kickboxing / jiu jitsu. Q: What areas of the body to really enjoy treating? A: I can’t really say I have a favorite part of the body to treat. It’s all different, and variety is what I like. Q: What is one thing that you wish your patients would do more of to better their health? A: I wish that all of my patients continue their exercises after therapy. I believe that to be truly healthy, lifestyle changes like eating smart and regular exercises are the key. Q: What is your favorite animal? A: Again, hard to pick a favorite animal. Growing up, I’ve had a turtle, a pig, a rabbit, a guinea pig, 3 cats and 4 dogs. I loved them all. Q: What is your favorite ice cream flavor? A: Brown butter almond from Carmen’s. It’s to die for. You’d have to special order it from the Philippines. I guess it would be more like milkshake when you get it. Which is not bad. Not bad at all. Q: What is your favorite food? Least favorite food? A: Hands down, my favorite food is anything that super PT aide Joe brings in. His mom is a great cook. I’m getting my adoption papers ready. Least favorite food is shellfish. I’m severely allergic to it. / hands-on care went hand in hand. Q: What are you hobbies?

Q: Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school? A: I was born in the Philippines, moved out to NY at a very young age. I still travel back and forth every year to see family. I also want to expose my kids to their roots, which I believe is great for building their character. I went to school in PS107, Flushing. Moved back out to the Philippines for high school. Straight out of HS I was accepted in one of the most prestigious PhysicalTherapy schools in the Philippines. I received my doctorate degree in PT from Dominican College, upstate NY. After 8 years of being a licensed therapist, I still feel like I haven’t worked a day in my life. Q: What is one thing you hope to instill in your children as they grow up? A: I just wish my kids would grow up to be happy, pleasant and loving people. Success in life is subjective, where everyone has their own yardstick to measure their accomplishments, and I don’t want my children to be burdened by the though of what success in life truly is.

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