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It’s time for another update on our firm’s mascots: Dexter and Rita. Over the years, many of our readers have told me how much they enjoy these features on our two giant schnauzers, so here they are! These two had a great Easter with the family and made the most of the spring weather. Like many of us, Rita is starting to get a “middle-age spread.” Weighing in at 100 pounds, her days of cuddling up with my wife Casey to watch TV are beginning

to get a little painful (for Casey). So, through diet and exercise, we plan to slim her down to a very svelte and athletic 80 pounds. While Rita’s health should be relatively easy to look after, Dexter is facing an uphill battle. As longtime readers will know, Dexter has had his fair share of surgeries — one to repair his broken hip when he was a puppy and another to repair a torn ACL last year. Now, at 6 years old, his hip is beginning to give him trouble again. The more he ages, the more he favors that hip and leg, making it important for us to walk him twice a day to keep his hip and leg strong and flexible. The last thing we want is for the problem to get worse through lack of exercise (and the walking is great for me and Casey as well!). Despite his pain, Dexter still loves to romp around with Rita and his family. Pushing through and defying expectations is very in-character for him. When I adopted Dexter around 6 years ago, he was the runt of the litter, weighing just 12 pounds. But within a year, he tipped the scale at 90 pounds and was very active. When less than a year old, he broke his hip. But, he rebounded well from surgery and was running and even swimming in no time. This dog doesn’t let anything keep him down for long.

Dexter and Rita may have their challenges, but they stay affectionate and upbeat no matter what. These guys are a big part of our lives, and we want to keep them healthy. There will be plenty of walks and trips to the park this summer!

– Johnny Houston


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