American Consequences - November 2020

people wearing a fez and driving around in a tiny car in Shriner parades, or what?)

maintains the bureaucracy. That is if say AOC or Ilhan Omar became key players in the oligarchy, it would definitely push the country even more to the left. America could be a one party country just like the states of California, Illinois, New York etc. Now that being said, I think this whole left, right, Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Conservative label is a bunch of bunk. Human nature will always win out. As far as America is concerned... I’ll let this quote from Frank Zappa sum it all up... “When the illusion of freedom becomes too expensive to maintain, they will strike down the sets, pull back the curtain and you will see the brick wall in the back of the theater.” Thank You – Paul S. P.J. O’Rourke Response: And thank you, Paul, for that brilliant quote from Frank Zappa. (Who was, in fact, libertarian/conservative in his political views.) I share your pragmatic concerns about letting nitwits into our political oligarchy – as if we didn’t have enough of them already. I was, however, heartened that the Democratic Party’s Left wing did not make a very strong showing in the 2020 election. And I trust that, after two years of Biden and Harris bumbling around, the Left will get an even stronger rebuke in the 2022 mid-term elections. AOC, Ilhan Omar, and their ilk will fade into obscurity along with the rest of the kooks and goofs who occasionally get into Congress. Who today remembers Philo Fuller, elected in 1832 as a congressman from New York on the Anti- Masonic Party ticket? (They were opposed to

Re: Trump Versus the Media... His Real 2020 Election Opponent

Great article. This should somehow go nationally as there are way too many people who believe the “fake news.” They let their hate for Trump blind any logical reasoning that they may have. – Larry K. Jason Rantz Response: Thanks! I should say, I’m not a huge fan of “fake news” because of how some misapply it to decidedly real news. CNN providing opinion masquerading as fact-based news isn’t “fake news” because it’s not news at all. Let’s call out the bias, not the entire media since there are some media figures we should all get behind and enjoy. (Add me to that list!) Re: Trump Outsmarts 60 Minutes... The Media Should Take Note It seems to me the problem isn’t media bias, but Trump’s unwillingness to tolerate any criticism or contradiction. Unfortunately, her hasn’t grown on the job and remains unsuited and unqualified to be President, just as Mitt Romney said in March 2016. A phony, a fraud and our President for a little while longer. – Clarke K. Jason, Leslie asked the questions we needed his answers to. Trump, as always, depicts himself as being vilified by the press. If you can’t take a punch (and he’s the great

American Consequences


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